REME specialist unit Louisburg barracks

Has anyone had any experience of this lot, I am thinking of giving them a shout to see if I can transfer. Thought I would just see If I can get some inside information first.
Brilliant blokes!

Very good, loads have deployed on Telic, Herrick etc.

The PSI's are decent enough, one in particular (no names no packdrill) is one of the best you will find.

Loads going on but its up to you to put yourself forward, if you dont you will find yourself limited to 19 days per year since they won't chase you.

If however you do put yourself forward there is loads going on, almost a full time job (well not quite).

Very top heavy, loads of seniors not many juniors.

Get to know the admin staff early on, its a lot more important here than with an independant unit, and they will be of great help. If your just a name and bounty hunter they will overlook you.

You might have guessed I am one of their seniors.

Bordon is an easy place to get to but Louisburg Barracks is very run down.

Best of luck
Hi Cardinal

Thanks for that, I am already in a specialist unit and try and put in as much as possible, normally around 40-50 day a year mark.
what's your skill? Royal Wessex Yeomanry is expanding its REME - all land based trades sought - RWxY is armoured - all armoured track vehicles in service - based at bovington, salisbury, cirencester, barnstaple, paignton. Normal regtl environment - ie not top heavy.
Nice idea Septimus, but I do not have any transferable skills from the unit I am in at the moment so would be starting from scratch. The other problem I have is I do not live in the mainland so I only have specialist units open to me, but like I said would have been nice.
Check your pm's
hi mate,was in the specialists myself,and still have friends there.i had no complaints about the specialist unit,i just wanted to do more time.they have a good reputation(all skilled tradespersons)and are very friendly.i can thouroughly recommend them,go for it.
I have just recently joined REME at louisberg. Did my assesment wkd last month. I am ex reg so no basic trg. From what I saw and I have been told they are a smashing bunch of people! I cant wait to get my teeth into it more!!
I have given them a call, the trade I am in is not transferable so I would have to re trade. I was interested in recovery mechanic, but have been told the only option open to me is support trades chef, driver and rad-ops. Not really what I was after, I can do them where I am.
I hat to put this on hold last year due to new job and getting some courses out of the way for the new job, but I am still very interested in transferring. As you can see from the post above when I gave them a call I was told I only had support trade's open to me, I have heard on the grape vine that it is possible for someone with know previous experience to be a recovery mechanic, can anyone confirm this for me before I start looking at how to transfer.
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