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Discussion in 'REME' started by mouseshipwright, Apr 25, 2009.

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  1. ok im trying to find the reme drinking song i only no a bit of it it goes some thing like this........

    We are the royal electrical mechanical engineers,
    And every single one of us can handle forty beers,
    Drink rum, drink rum drink rum, drink rum,
    Come on we are the boys, we don’t give a f**k about any one else,
    We don’t give a f**k about us........................

    It then goes onto about the battles we have been at through the years.
    If anyone knows of the song can you please please e mail me a copy of it as I’ve been looking for it for ages.

    E mail:

    Thanks again mouse
  2. This is the Engineers version from here

    They have the standard version as well as other versions.

    The Loggies thought that they could drink but that was just a farce.
    We took them up into the bar and kicked their fcuking arse.
    So if you think you’re hard enough then grab yourself a beer.
    Because you'll never out drink and never outfight a Royal Engineer.

    We are, we are, we are, we are, the Royal Engineers,
    We can, we can, we can, we can drink more than 40 beers.
    Drink rum, drink rum, drink rum, drink rum, till its coming out our ears,
    < We never gave a fcuk about anyone else who never gave a fcuk about us.

    Rorks Drift in South Africa the Zulus came to call.
    You British cnuts lay down your guns were going to kill you all
    At first they heard some laughter, and then they heard a cheer.
    Of course we won't surrender, were Royal Engineers.

    Napoleon was a warrior at the battle of Waterloo,
    He always thought that Josephine was very very true.
    The infantry was advancing; the loggies were in the rear,
    And Josephine was entered by a Royal Engineer.

    Saddam Hussein was the ruler of Iraq,
    The coalition forces said "we can't be having that".
    He found himself a little hole, and tried to disappear,
    He didn’t want to fight with a Royal Engineer
  3. Been a long time, but if i remember correctly its something like.

    The zulu war was raging the thin red line held fast,
    those ???????? soldiers fighting to the last,
    as wave on wave of zulus came you heard those soldiers cry,
    we are the ??????????? and will will never die.


    Nepoloen as at waterloo fighting for his life,
    the last thoughts on his mind were those of his wife,
    as he bravely led his men he thought he showed no fear,
    while josephine was taken by a ?????????? from the rear.


    all then was quiet until 1939,
    the germans bombed our boozers before closing time
    we knew that was no good,
    cos you don't mess witht our beer and you don't mess with our food.


    from 1945 til 1982 those ????????? fighting soldiers had fcuk all to do,
    the argies stole our falklands and we was not having that,
    so we sent down a task force to take the fcukers back.


    we have REME in the paras we have REME in the sas
    we have REME in the commandos the test is hard to pass
    on the grave of the unknown warrior a testiment to those who fell
    you could tell that he was REME as he took 20 of them as well.
  4. thats the one thanck you very much for that.
  5. Marching on to the parade square trying to keep in line,
    Some stupitd tiffy bastrad calling out the time
    Some other silly bastrad called out right dress, you should have seen the fucikng mess,
    We are the dreamy REME, we are a fucikng shower.

    Sung to Lili Marlene

    Who else remembers it? And the other verses.
  6. Heard this one as 'We are the RCT and we are a fucikng shower"
  7. Driving down the autobahn at 80 miles an hour
    We are the Dreamy REME, we are a f***ng shower!
    We can't change up and we can't change down
    The gearbox is in but it's upside down
    We are the Dreamy REME, we are a F***ng shower

    Early Monday morning the workshop's on parade
    The ASM is singing the Donkey Serenade
    Some stupid b*****d shouts "Right Dress"
    You should have seen the F****ng mess
    We are the Dreamy REME, we are a f****ng shower.

    When I was at Brats School we also sang "She wore a Yellow Ribbon! Generally when scraping the polish off the corridors.