REME Soldiers Act As Eyes For Blind Skier

Kev Alderton is a Top Lad, an ex-drummer in the HAC, he had to leave when on the way home one night he saw a young girl getting assualted so he being the man he is, he stepped in and tried to save her. The result was the people who were attacking her then gave him a kicking, while he was down they detached the retina's of both eyes they kicked him in the head so hard.

He is a good guy who did what most of us would do in the same situation, and he deserves our support.
Top idea, St Dunstan's is a great organisation that deserves all the support we can give.
Well done Shakey, beers all round next time we meet.
Top class that. Not the first time REME have helped out there, also had the British Disabled Ski Team at the REME Snow Camp a few years ago. I, and the others was totally impressed with their sheer determination to overcome their disabilities and compete at the highest possible level. Was quite humbled by some of their stories too....

Contrast that with some lazy dossers who complain that their life is hard whilst sponging off the state.

Nuff said

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