REME Silver paper knife.

Hope this is the right place for this. As i was browsing around Herts & Essex antiques in Sawbridgeworth in Herts i saw a silver Reme paper knife priced at £65.

Thought this may be of interest to you spanner monkeys.
That's what the REME is all about. Hit it with a hammer, if it's still not fixed, use a bigger hammer.

Unless you happen to be afflicted with a technician's CEG, in which case your too busy fellating your comrades and playing Warhammer to bother much with anything else. Or sat in the TQ's counting to potato on your fingers and toes.
Never thought of having sex with inaminate mechanical items, but after some of the growlers in my younger years it might have some appeal!

Well as most of the stuff we put into Workshops came back more fucked than it went in, I can only assume it is a common occurrence with you Spanner Monkeys.
Demsmashoes & Robbo, sick individuals!! Worked on Pigs in Lurgan in 76 couldn't find a way to get attracted to those hideous piles of scrap

As for the L60 as an FRT crewman I saw plenty of fu*ked packs, the only time I got my member out on one of those was to pish on the gobby driver when I made him do the twyflex from below.

Tank porn just isnt for me ;-)

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