REME Sgt-SSgt promotions

Discussion in 'REME' started by Tank_Mech, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Just seen the promotions for this year!!! Good job I've still got a hole in my arse, what is the Corps all about. No wonder SNCO's are leaving. Doesn't pay to work hard anymore, no recognition. Bitter and twisted---yes I think so!!!!! Next OC will be loving my new attitude, 2.5 years to go---can't wait.
  2. I shouldn't worry about it, it is a bit hit and miss. Once again i've missed the boat as well. I'm not even sure that my CR got as far as MCM Div this year, at least last year i received an acknowledgement of it arriving.
    Same for me 2.5 years and civvy street, can't wait.

    You may be fortunate??? to still pick up under V eng, but would you really want to do x amount of years extra to qualify for the residual sevice?
    In this current climate they can "r@m it". There's only so many times you can deal with the hot and sandy places.
  3. Sounds like your reactions and future intent prove perhaps you were not the ideal candidate to get promoted! Are you that sure that you are better than the ones who appeared on the list and therefore more deserving. There are lots of Sgts going for a very few Staffy posts so no-ones chances are great. Do the maths. Obviously the tiffy route is the fast track for most trades. If in a tiffy feeder trade, did you try and fail, not want to try or what?

    You may have been unlucky that the reporting officers you've had did not see your true worth or not write it down well enough but who your boss is is somewhat of a lottery and I would hope that it kinda balances out in a full career for all of us.

    Move on - deal with it.... professionally.
  4. Mmmm, thanks for the points okimato, obviously you have spent 18 months at Bordon learning to speak in an appropriate manner. Hopefully you're hard working artisan Sgt will keep you gracefully from dropping the shit now and then. Some of us decided not to go to the dark side and work for a living instead. I appreciate the board results and I am on an even keel with my fellow artisans for the few positions, however, if you know how promotion boards work, please notify the remaining Corp artisans as soon as you can. Hopefully by the time you have pondered over what graphs, work ethics and self sanctified gratitude you deserve, the next board will be upon me and I may have been promoted. Either that or ask your artisan Sgt what the best way to reply to this, jot it down and take credit for it. Do not forget to inform your immediate Line Manager of this task so it can be noted in your next CR---Toss*r! Oh and by the way I passed my PAAB.
  5. Okimato. you sound like a really nice man.... i wish i had you as my boss!

    I know i can pretty harsh at times but thats usually after someone has been provoking me!!!!

    you, however are just darn right cruel.... i think you need a good kicking for that one personally! i cant believe you actually 'get off' on saying things like that to people. you Wan*ker
  6. Thread_bear, wise words from a wise man. Thank you for your post, much appreciated.
  7. Technically what you said may be correct, the way you said it however....well you may just have failed THAT module of your course. Spanker.
  8. Yes, very nice words, sanctimonious TW@T.
  9. Got some good bites there then.

    Its just very easy to blame the system. I understand folks wanting to vent (been there myself), but seemingly taking pride in the fact that you are going to adopt a sh*te attitude in the future aint that impressive either.
  10. Oh here we go. Make glib comment, get exposed for glib comment, then blithely say you did it to get a few bites.
    I personally was proud of being an Artisan, I had the privelige of working with a great Tiffy who did what he did well and left me to do what I did well which was make sure all the tanks were running and gunning all the time. For him I'd go to the wall and I know it was reciprocated. You on the other hand do not instill me with confidence.
    I finished as an Artisan Staffy running HQ fitter section, then taking over a Sabre Squadron when the Tiffy there threw his hand in. I completed a Med Man with the squadron which thanks to the guys I had in the section went well. I DO know of which I speak, there are good Sgts out there who COULD do the job a Staffy or (gasp) even a Tiffy does, but it IS a lottery as to whether they get promoted and its only natural that they might get a tad tee'd off with it. Its a soldiers god given right to complain it appears its also a soldiers right to make patronising comments and dismiss someone as unprofessional.......
  11. If us artisans didnt occassionally whinge the bosses would think something was seriously wrong. Unfortunately with all this Political correctness BANTER will be outlawed soon.
  12. Fcuk off okimato, you are not after bites at all.... I believe you actually consider yourself a better person than others because you made it through that 'Really Difficult' tiffy process.

    Hopefully you are a new tiffy and just need bringing down to earth but
    With comments like that I wonder if you even have your own section? Surely someone would have smashed your lights out by now!
  13. Well guys, I am impressed!

    For those that do not know Okimato is an RCMO (as he has previously admitted gleefully), and as there are not that many it may be quite easy to work out who? If I were a soldier going with a serious question about my career to Okimato and got an answer like that, after thinking what a W*nker I would head for the RAO and sign off! Good to see that the people in such an important position have a fantastic attitude of Investment In People!

    Maybe he should change his name to David Brent:

    "If you can keep your head when all around you have lost theirs, then you probably haven't understood the seriousness of the situation"

    "Know your limitations and be content with them. Too much ambition results in promotion to a job you can't do"

    "Show me a good loser and I'll show you a LOSER!"

    Remember the 3 golden rules:
    1. It was like that when I got here.
    2. I didn't do it.
    3. (To your Boss) I like your style.
  14. As a VM who has come up the tiffy route I have relied heavily on my Artisans in the past. As a young tiffy I had 2 Artisan Sgt's both of which were excellent. Both of these guys had done 5 more years in the army than I had and I believe their experience was key to my success. When it came to CR time I considered this my opportunity to pay them back. However despite my best efforts they were dissapointed. My OC at the time was renowned for his good CR writing skills and many others of different ranks had seen promotion due to his write ups. I and my OC found it difficult to explain to them why they had not been picked up.

    My point is that we should as Tiffies not underestimate the importance of a good Artisan, they can make or break you. Unfortunately it is difficult to give them the ultimate recognition, ie promotion for all their efforts.

    With odds of 1 in ten for some trades the competition is fierce.

    Top Tip: If it did not state you were in the top third of Sgt's on your CR you had no chance. Harsh but true.
  15. Hmmmm, well well well Okimato is a RCMO, I wonder which glorious REME Bn has this fine LE Officer? I'm certainly glad not to have the honour to serve with him, he has probably been the brunt of a few mess jokes as he was carted off to bed early (before main course was out). All jokes aside and I don't mean to be rude, I wouldn't want this person to have any hand in managing my career, especially as a 1st tour Cfn wanting some forward direction and sound advice. We all appreciate that it is a lottery with Artisan promotions, I will leave in 2 years time as a Sgt, I will have held this rank for 10 years by then! I have had all good CR's and always been professional in what I do. Thanks for all the good comments on this thread and I wish you all the best in life and not to get posted to a unit that has dobber boy as it's RCMO, bet the CO's arse never needs wiping.