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ok right first of all the test for the reme and techincal test what is it i know its a maths test. but what are the questions and what do u need to get right in this test ie how many correct answers. lol and do they still check ur testicals in the medical im worried about this not that nothing wrong down there but just worried.
mate just passed selection for air tech. TST is pretty hard, well i thought so, but some revision on from the topics listed in the link above and you should be fine. Its alot of fraction work, with some ratio and percentages. pretty much everything that is covered in intermediate GCSE mathematics. And with the balls thing, just drop your kegs and do it, their proffessionals.


smiffy223 said:
PrinceAlbert said:

type "punctuation"

Good night.
if u are not going to help me idiot dont post a answer idiots like u think ur better then every one else i asked a simple question dont be a smart ass
I say again:

type "punctuation"

Part of being in the REME is pride that you're a little bit more intelligent than your average soldier. Now I suggest you start to show it. If you "can't be bothered" then you're not good enough to be a soldier in any regiment/corps, let alone the REME.

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