REME SDSR Rumour's

C'mon then, everyone has heard a multitude of diffrent rumours. Lets hear them and see if any actually make sense.

1: REME, RLC, Engineers, Signals, all to combine and make a Combat Service Support Corps

2: Reme to loose 20% manning

3: Reme to take on the supplier trade from the RLC.
DSG/DSU to wear olive green covvies and be made to do Pilates on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. really keen 'Gareth' types to be allowed to do WHT and grouping and zeroing with some adventurous camping thrown in 6 weekends a year

Eddie Stobbart to take on transport logistice, AA to take on recovery, anything warry to be contracted out to Pheonix CP Gp and G4S as and when required

I wouldn't listen to any rumours at the mo as no-one really knows, though a few posters(funnily enough on the TA sites) may have a bit more of an inclination to some proposals than the rest of us.

I would personally expect to see some civilianisation, combining of like for like trades, particularily in the trg phases, so aircraft techs train with the RAF/RN bods, poss at Cosford short term, armourers of all services etc etc

You could see all 'stores' trades combined into one cap badge, all trg done at Deepcut, but who knows, it may not be as bad as everyone thinks.
Bit disappointed that 7 days ago was the CORPS 68th Birthday & nobody seemed to be inclined to mention it.

I was at the celebration at the NMA (one of the ancient Association Standard Bearers paraded by the CASM). DEME"A" give a very good address about the history of the CORPS & also expounded that we are held in high esteem for our current exploits. Hand on heart I would like to see REME survive SDSR, if the other option happens rest assured those former serving members will be behind you all the way.

Cheers Nobby
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