Discussion in 'REME' started by fatboy517, Feb 11, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone happen to know all the words to the rugby song that contains the lines:

    "We are the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers
    And anyone of us here can handle 40 beers". ?????
  2. No but I know one that starts:

    "An Engineer told me before he died"

    To the tune of "Froggy goes a courting"
  3. Any chance of the words to that please. I am trying to compile a Rugby Song Book to take on a tour to Cyprus.
    Many thanks....
  4. An engineer told me before he died,
    Ah-hum, titty-bum, titty-bum, titty-bum,
    An engineer told me before he died,
    Ah-hum, ah-hum,
    An engineer told me before he died,
    I have no reason to believe he lied,
    Ah-hum, titty-bum, titty-bum, titty-bum,
    Ah-hum, titty-bum, titty-bum, titty-bum.
    He had a wife with a **** so wide,
    He had a wife with a **** so wide,
    He had a wife with a **** so wide,
    That she could never be satisfied,

    So he built a bloody great wheel,
    With two balls of brass and a prick of steel.

    The balls of brass he filled with cream,
    And the whole ******* issue was driven by steam.

    He tied her to the leg of the bed,
    Tied her hands above her head.

    There she lay demanding a ****,
    He shook her hand and wished her luck.

    'Round and 'round went the bloody great wheel,
    In and out went the prick of steel.

    Up and up went the level of steam,
    Down and down went the level of cream.

    'Till at last the maiden cried,
    Enough, enough, I'm satisfied.

    Now we come to the tragic bit,
    There was no way of stopping it.

    She was split from ass to tit,
    And the whole ******* thing was covered in shit.

    It jumped off her, it jumped on him,
    And then it buggered their next of kin.

    It jumped on an uptown bus,
    And the mess it made caused quite a fuss.

    The last time, Sir, that prick was seen
    It was over in England ******* the Queen.

    There is a moral to the story I tell,
    If you see it coming better run like hell.

    Nine months later a child was born,
    With two brass balls and a bloody great horn.

    The moral of this story is mighty clear.
    Never **** an engineer.

    That one?? :wink:
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Didn't know pufters played with real leather balls!
  6. Going on tour to Cyprus? Not leaving non sporting wallers to do all the work when the Corps is so severely undermanned then?
  7. I think it goes something like :-


  9. We are We are We are We are the ROYAL ENGINEERS,
    We can We can We can We can demolish forty beers,
    Drink rum Drink rum Drink rum Drink rum & come along with us,
    theres an egg lets chase it.

    artistic licence ?
  10. Typical FAT BADGES have to stake their claim to everything.
    ENJOY :lol:



    We are the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers,
    And any one of us in here can handle forty beers,
    Drink Rum, Drink Rum, Drink Rum,
    And come on all yee boys,
    We don't give a fcuk for anyone else we don't give a fcuk for us!

    Verse 1

    Napoleon of Waterloo was fighting for his life,
    When the last thoughts upon his mind, were those thoughts for his Wife,
    As he led his brave old men, he thought they showed no fear,
    As Josephine was taken by a Craftsman from the rear!


    Verse 2

    The Zulu Wars were raging, the thin red line held fast,
    The REME fighting soldiers there knew that they would last,
    As wave on wave of Zulu came they heard their battle cry,
    We are the REME and we will never die!


    Verse 3

    All then was quiet until 1939,
    Then the Box-heads bombed our boozers before closing time,
    Then they bombed our Chip-shops and we knew that was no good,
    Cos, you don't Muck our beer and they don't Fcuk our food!


    Verse 4

    From 1945 until 1982 the REME fighting soldiers didn't have that much to do,
    The Argies stole stole our Falklands and we were not having that,
    So we sent a task force down there,
    And we took the Fcukers back!


    Verse 5

    Americans taken hostage over there in Iran,
    The planned evacuation didn't go quite to plan,
    We had to do the same old thing in dear Old London Town,
    And we showed those Niger Diego Wops that we don't Fcuk around!


    Verse 6

    We've got REME in the Para's we've got REME in the SAS,
    REME Commando's whose test are hard to pass,
    The tomb of the Unknown Soldier was monumental to those who fell,
    You can tell that he was REME,


  11. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    like it....
  12. To the tune of ....?
  13. we are ,, WE ARE, WE ARE, Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers and..................................WE ARE QUEER.

    I think that is how it goes but ask that queer Major that you have got !!!!!!!
  15. Driving down the Autobahn at 90 miles an hour
    we are the dreamy REME we are an F######g shower
    we can't change up and we can't down
    the gearbox is in but it's upside down
    cos we are the Dreamy REME and we are a F#####g Shower

    Early Monday Morning the Workshops on parade
    The ASM is singing the Donkey Serenade
    Some stupid B******* shouts "Eyes Right"
    You should have seen the F######g Sight
    cos we are the Dreamy REME and we are a F######g Shower

    Sung to the tune Lille Marlene