Discussion in 'REME' started by gilly439, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone heard anything thing on the possible merge between RLC and REME, to form a new support core, I know it was mentioned awhile ago, but seems to be coming up again?
  2. No we're just giving them the TSS mongs as they are better suited to the RLC.
  3. Thank god, what will happen to the staff at SEME then? they will have to stop big timing for the crow!
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  4. 8O

    Not all TSS are mongs, and I realy dont think we will be better suited to the RLC.
  5. Yes you are....and yes you will....
  6. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Playing devils advocate and not wanting to poke a hornets nest, what are the pros and cons

    From an outside, cursory glance, I can see the benefit of a unified support Corps

    As much as it pains me to say, I would even think that some element of the RE should go into it as well
  7. The RLC bints are, on the whole, better looking than the REME slappers.
  8. I would have thought a merger between RLC and RE (who could be merged with REME) would be better-that'd be a Really Big Corps
  9. If we merge with the 'Really Large Corps', do we get to put the horse/ lightening and globe in front of their chip-shop cap badge?

    This merger idea was being banded about in 2003(because my old CO of 2Bn mentioned it) and nothing has happened since then.

    The New Zealand REME was merged with their RLC some years ago. And the fall-out of it was lots of people signed off, those that did stay lost their RNZEME identity and felt that special Corps ethos was gone.
  10. Dont worry about that ethos crap, we lost that when the RAOC merged with the RCT....just embrace it and curse it whenever you have more than 1 person in the bar with you!! :twisted:

    From a RLC bods perspective and due to my trade, i would welcome a RLC/RE merger.....well actually my trade would fit in quite easily as we work with their Specialist Units quite well. We could then leave the other RLC trades to big themselves up as per.
  11. Your in the RLC and you have a what???

    Its not really a proper trade is it, mincin about fryin eggs or stackin stuff.
  12. Piss off, i dont stack, fry eggs or even dig graves! And besides i thought you just plugged a MANCAT in and let Windows do the rest!
    Take out, box, send away and get DSG to fix it!
  13. We would normally just plug the MANCAT in and crack on but you and your *uckwit fellow muppets always seem to break them so well it involves much more than that.
    Anyway can i have an extra egg at breakfast please?
  14. roadster280, out of all the above quotes, yours seems to fit.

    RE would fit in as they have the same amount of COMMON as the Black hand gang, (VMs, Reccy Mechs & Armourers) and then the R SIGNALS have the nerdy, 'Lets stay in this BOXBODY and do geeky stuff all day' thing about them as do the Tech Spankers. I believe REME would embrace these 2 cap badges.

    All RLC will do is sap the life out of every one, as they wobble around all day long with biff chits, TRYING to be as good and proffessional as every one else in the British Army. Its called thr Really Large Corps for a reason, cause anyone who can walk and breathe can apply.

    REME and RLC do indeed need each other, who else will feed us and give us blankets when we're cold. But lets keep them as far apart as possible hey chaps!
  15. Makes perfect sense. As much sense as would a merger of Quikfit, Balfour Beatty, and BT.