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Discussion in 'REME' started by Rockstar, May 10, 2008.

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  1. I presume by now that most people have had a read of May's Crafty mag.

    So what is the plan? We all know that the battalion 411 thing didn't work; especially the plan to send guys to units on ISTs.

    Now it looks as if they're having another go, but giving it a different name.

    As for the pooling of metalsmiths and VMs at battalions, is it really a good idea? Even if they are released for ISTs, are there any 1st line units out there who will actually request one? Will those OCs / ASMs not think of it as a failing of their own management to have to request one?

    What happens with the technicians currently in Electronics platoons? According to the mag, GPATE will go to Off-Platform Repair (OPR) companies. How will this work? Where will they be based?

    The article seemed very vague to me!!!
  2. No point really discussing it. It works like this:

    :arrow: A REME Officer gets appointed.
    :arrow: REME Officer realises only short time to make an impact for CR.
    :arrow: REME Officer finds a wheel and re-invents it.
    :arrow: REME Officer applauded.
    :arrow: Shop floor left scratching their heads.
    :arrow: Wheel obviously is the wrong size.
    :x Whole thing goes to rat shit.
    :arrow: REME Officer posted on so doesnt really give a shit.
    :arrow: A REME Officer gets appointed.
    :arrow: REME Officer realises only short time to make an impact for CR.
    :cry: REME Officer finds a wheel and re-invents it.
  3. Sums up the Corps pretty well, when is DES 3 coming out btw?

    However, it could be worse, we could be amalgameted with RLC....
  4. dont joke about it mate, someone may hear you. they did that to us in NZ back in '96. wnakers.
  5. It won't work; the aim at the end of the day, unless things have changed rapidly since I stepped off, is to keep the unit which you are a member able to carry out its mission, i.e. Combat Effective, or be damned.

    I have experienced the re-balancing act and it wasn't good; while the theory seems fine the actual handling of all the aspects went TU; due to the increased timelines and the lack of understanding of priorities as we in the Regiment saw them - ES could not provide the same service that it once did.

    But things must change, we are still very much set up for European High Intensity Operations where we fix, fight and die on our very own patch of das Vaterland. The NAO take great interest in the management of our very expensive equipment. Costs on OPs are spiralling and money needs to be saved somewhere - so what is the answer, I'm beggered if I know?

    From what I understand while in base loc in sandy places unit ES assets are being pooled, so why not in peace time locations? IMHO the ideas have merit but the mechanics of re-balancing assets are what needs to be looked at. We can all cite times when asking for IST etc has not worked, non-availability, not trained etc. It is incumbent upon our lords and masters who drive these initiatives to think it through, not be resistant to change and admit when certain aspects of it aren't working rather than stumble on regardless.

    And what of the quality of life of the tradesmen on IST who will be 'whole fleet managed'? This month at the 1st Bn Foot in Mouth Regiment, followed by detachments to a Cav Regiment, BATARRSE on WRP, Trg for Warfighting, Pre-deployment training, OPs, POTL, back filling a trade deficit etc.

    I recall a certain DEME(A) who said it was important that we didn't whole fleet manage our guys - it was some time ago and he was grinning when he said it (and it was a wry grin).

    The problem with creating larger units is that they eventually become self-perpetuating gargantuan becoming finally be tied up in their own bureaucracy. Am I being overly pessimistic to think that a request for work will have to be completed in triplicate (hard copy) and submitted to 16 different e-mail addresses on DII/JAMES/t'internet?

    In order to admin the extra personnel there will be an Admin bill - where does this admin manpower bill come from? Shall we reduce the number of tradesmen in order to recruit more admin staff? I'm sure Director Inf/Cav etc will be happy to transfer the burden of cost to the ES, rather than bear the brunt on his budget for tradesmen at LADs.

    Another brief point and I'll get my coat - Nothing can replace the knowledge of the unit, its SOPs, SOCs, Drills and Camaradery that you get by living as part of that unit making you more efficient when it comes to carrying out your role.

    As to the merger with the Fat Badges - I'd love to see an Catering Officer running a Coy at an ES Bn - by fcuk you'd have to keep your mess tins clean but at least the Chips would be good - Ok I lied, it was two points.

    See You Next Tuesday
  6. On TELIC 7 the Comd ES wanted to 'pool' the REME elements in the area of Shaibah that the ES Coy lived. The plan involved moving the LADs from their spots in each BG area to the centralised servicing area. One Inf BG was told to move the week of the Iraqi National elections (not a busy time - much). Luckily my CO told him to bugger off and we managed to stay in our location, wher we could fix stuff as it came in.

    Had we moved, the user would have had to drive a 1/2 lap of Shaiba to report to us with his faulty vehicle. What are the chances of a Snatch Driver going 10 minutes out of his way after a 6 hour patrol - having dropped his mates off at the place he gets his food and airconditioned room?

    rebalancing/restructuring has been shown to be a waste of f*ckin time - why are REME still trying to flog this dead horse - I suppose it saves flogging the Lean or DES ones....

    On a positive for the Corps, can someone export ECI to Australia - we still have PRE style witch hunts here...
  7. Nige do you ever sleep?

    On a previous Telic we were quite successful in pooling the ES assets in the Naval Barracks (lovingly refered to as 'Camp Death' by the Donkey Wallopers). It allowed us spread the load a bit and help out the units who had but one VM to support their kit.

    The case you quote is a typical ' if its my train set I'll use it in my bedroom' attitude that needs to be discarded by the hierachy. We all know that the most expedient way to get the equipment back into the hands of the user is to fix it close or near to where he is using it rather than to drag to a Bn ECCP/In Park where it would be never seen again (DPTA ECCP/BLP Poland?).

    IMO I think that there is a little more than a semblance of truth in thinking that rebalancing is a means for an ES Bn CO to have more troops under his command and also I think that there is a little more than a smidgen of jealousy regarding the amount of ES clout that the BEME, being LE and all, has in a Bde.

    As to DES - a good tool to 'temporary' upgrade a tradesman in order to fill a gap that has been left empty by the failure of a certain training establishment. Has this improved? Otherwise it was a great doorstop and/or shelf filler.

    The PRE witch hunt certainly reminds me of times gone by, weeks of OT in preparation and then OT during the visit and fcuk me tons of OT afterwards doing all the stuff that the mongs on the team picked up - pedants! Where did they pick the facist inspectors from? ECI was a veritable breath of Frische Luft.
  8. Well, there appear to be strong opinions about the next change. None positive. Lets hope people high up the chain take note this time, unlike 411, Lean, etc...
  9. Not a chance :twisted: :twisted:

    They'll (DEME(A)) keep trying to re-invent the wheel :p :wink:

    Or calling it continual improvement.

    Or some other fancy name.

    Lots of wasted time and effort for very little net gain.

    End of :!:
  10. Nige, send me the dates you want to introduce LANDSO 4505/LEUMS (please include the flight ticket) and I will be right out. Preferably at the back end of the year, as "BAOR" descends on Catterick.
  11. can we not just fix some stuff for the user, watch him drive away and get back on the beer with a good game of cards?
  12. I am taking up sign writing and painting, with the continuous rebalancing of the REME all I will need to do is park my arsse near a REME Bn and watch the work come in for years and years to come!!
  13. Only so long as you satisfy the requirements of ISO 9000/01/02/03/04, BS123, TQM, 6 sigma, Investors In People, LEAN, etc, etc and you've done a thorough risk assessment and internal audit on yourself :D :D :wink:
  14. G_K,

    You forgot:

    ISO 14000 Series.
    OHSAS 18000 Series.
    DES (The Prequel)
    DES (The Sequel)
    and the miriad of LANDSOs & MATREGS.

    Hat & Coat, Taxi for S_Y_N_T
  15. Tiffyshackles, I hope that your avatar is recorded on LE(A) 2029B and 2029C, must go now, my OC has just asked me what that round thing on the shop floor is...........could be an opportunity for a GEMS key ring!!