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Discussion in 'REME' started by Smudge101, May 6, 2009.

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  1. Afternoon,

    Wondering if some people could help me out with something. Im in the process of joining up. My 2nd Choice is a REME Armourer. Ive been trying to prepare for my interview, where they ask about what regiment you want to join, but can't find anything usefull about the regiments in REME. Have found out what regiments there are but can't find anything about where they are based or weather certain trades go into certain regiments.

    Any help appreciated.

  2. Caveat : I left in 97 so some of this may be outdated. :wink:

    There are no regiments in REME as such, its a Corp and you have a specific trade. What trade you have can affect where you would be posted to, or what regiment you are attached to. As an Armourer you could end up being posted pretty much anywhere.
  3. do a google search for REME - there are plenty of websites that will help however in brief:

    REME is a Corps of Approx 9500 personnel

    REME works at 1st Line (front line) (small detachments of variously skilled tradesmen at every type of Regiment such as Infantry, Royal Engineers and Royal Armoured Corp - their job is to fix that unit kit any jobs too big can be passed back to 2nd line.

    REME works at 2nd line (normally behind our lines but can send personnel forward where required)- a REME Battalion here engines can be stripped and rebuilt, helicopters stripped and rebuilt, optroics equipment repaired to board/component level etc etc.

    REME also has representatives at 3rd Line (equipment manufacturers and the like and the people who buy new equipment within the MOD)

    REME has many trades such as Vehicle Mechanic, recovery Mechanic, Electronic Technician, Aircraft, Metalsmiths etc etc. who are 'attached' to host Regiments to support that particular unit in its role
  4. Cheers for info guys, has answered alot of questions, what would i say to my recruiter then if he asked what regiment i wanted to join in REME, or would he not ask that?

  5. If he asked that I would be worried. :lol:

    Ideally he should also explain the different trades to allow you to make a good decision on what trade you want to do.

    Have a nose around to get an idea.
  6. I think you are getting confused with the stupid system REME now has for naming its training schools as Regiments! thats the places where you learn to be a mechanic or technician or metalsmith etc etc at either Arborfield or Bordon (stupidly called Regiments for some reason!!) REME is a Corps and consequently does not exist as Regiments.

    On completion of traing you would be posted to an Infantry/cavalry/Medical/Royal Engineer/Royal Artillery etc etc etc Regiment for 2-4 years then you move on to a new Regiment.

    The type of regiment you get posted to wholly depends on what trade you are.

    The exception is when you get posted to a REME battalion where the 3-400 people there are nearly all REME and your job is to regenerate the equipment that the REME guys attached to the forward regiments pass back to the battalion because they don't have the time or resources to repair.

    The recruiter will ask you what trade you want to become and what qualifications you have. It is useful for you to research REME (formed in 1942 for example) and find out what trades there are - again google will help.
  7. Thats cleared alot of things up, at first i thought that the list on the army website was regiments!! I already know i want to be a armourer. Im guessing then, is it the same as this for all corps?

    Thanks for all the info.

  8. edited to add: these days the majority of soldiers all do their initial training (called phase 1 - 10 weeks i think) at the same place then they split up to go to there respective training units (phase 2) to specialise (REME, Infantry etc etc).

    In other Corps such as the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) and Adjujant General Corps (AGC) their soldiers who might be chefs or clerks for example also get attached to host regiments for 2-4 years.

    So in an infantry Battalion you d have:

    400 Infantry soldiers with their own capbadge
    50 REME tradesmen (armourers, mechanics etc) with REME cap badge
    20 AGC soldiers as clerks with AGC cap Badge
    4 Medics with their cap badge
    10 RLC chefs with their own capbadge


    all these personnel work together to become a Regiment or Battalion and are commanded by the Infantry Commanding Officer

    Point to note

    Where the Infantry soldier goes the REME/Medic/RLC guy is as well!
  9. Ah that makes more sense, so if i went for my second choice instead of my first (Infantry). Then could i still request the same regiment as my first choice.

  10. You could request it, yes but there is no guarantee that you would be posted there. Also after 2-4 years (usually 3) you may well be posted out to another regiment. Again you could request a specific regiment but that does not mean you will get your request.
  11. If you join as a REME armourer on completion of your training you will be posted to were REME armourer vacancies exist. eg 10 armourers passing out of traning will fill 10 gaps whereever and whatever they are at that moment in time. You may be able to ask for a prefered post however if someone else is already in that particular regiment doing the job then obviously no vacancy exists!

    Throughout your career you can submit preference of posting applications that the manning people will try to meet for you but be warned there are no gaurantees!

    Armourers can now be posted to any Regiment/Battalion/unit that holds any weapon from pistol through to 155mm artillery guns - you will do traing courses to train you to fix these weapon systems as and when you move posts

    eg 1st Post could be an Infantry Regt with SA80, Pistol,GPMG etc etc all of which you may be taught in basic trade training
    2nd post could be a Challenger 2 Regt requiring you to attend a Challenger 2 equipment course so you can fix its weapon syste

    Please get it into your head REME does not put you in the same Regiment for you whole career - you will move!

    If you want to stay in a particular infantry regiment then join that infantry regiment!!!
  12. Cheers for the replies, better understanding of the whole thing now...

  13. There are also the small detachments away from your parent unit for 4 - 6 months as well. You could be posted in to a unit such as the Coldstream guards for a three year stint but be detached to a unit in Afghanistan or Iraq for six months as an example.
    If you enjoy variation then REME is the best corp (imo) to join.
  14. I was under the impression that SEME and SEAE don't become "[whichever] Training Regiment" until July or August or something and that it was in preperation for the move to St Athan in the not too distant future where all techy mechanical jobs tri service are going to combine.