reme recruiting video

Discussion in 'REME' started by ArmySurplusSpecial, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. The REME

    dont take it too seriously chaps... its only a giggle. and a few years out of date no doubt!!
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  2. Spot on I'd say!
  3. How did you get Keith Lemon to star in it?
  4. Excellent!
  5. made i larrrrf and i was a tech (piss stained artisan though)
  6. I gave it 22 seconds. The voices on those videos really spoil them.
  7. Nice to see nothing changes... Quality.
  8. Can see yet another chapter in DES coming, stand bye
  9. Just saw this video ASS, so I shamelessly stole it and posted it to my Facebook account.
  10. Yep tthe clip is about right, REME is exactly like it. As for Reccy Mechs the film maker (or voice over bloke) must have known a few intimately.
  11. Nice script and quite amusing. But **** me that voice is annoying.
  12. Roflcopter!
  13. Best video ever, could not stop laughing, even my wife understands most of it, worrying lookd like i've squadiefied her to much. Have to get a new one. I now plan to steal the link and send to all the top corridor!
  14. Because she's been round most of 4 Btn?