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Discussion in 'REME' started by richard_813, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. I am applying for REME Recovery Mechanic:

    How much time do you spend recovering vehicles?
    What do you do when you are not recovering vehicles?
    Do you spend time fixing vehicles?

    Thanks, richard_813
  2. When your not recovering vehicles your checking C.E.S.

    This is all.

  3. 1. Thats your job.....Doh
    2. Play stupid reccy mech games
    3. No

    Are you sure you want to be a reccy mech? You can actually spell. :wink:
  4. Recce Mechs don't do anything. Ask any VM.
  5. From my memory you are the in camp cox but the lynch pin on ex or ops
    Go for it
  6. All_I_Want,

    Recovery Mechanic is probably one of the most rewarding trades within the REME in so far as every job is different and the job satisfaction is extremely high. ie. you pull a tank, vehicle out of the mud and get it going or you recover vehicles that have been in an accident etc. No job in general is the same.

    Recy Mechs are extremely close nit, unlike most other trades in the REME they usually know each other and were in my day pretty much the party animals within the REME (bar the A Mechs) ;-)

    I now believe that Recy Mechs are promoted a bit quicker than they used to be so i think its a good choice. Hopefully a more current REME bod can clarify this.

    Just to add i was an A mech for 13 and a bit years so have no ulterior motive for posting this. I spent nearly 10 yrs crewing and commanding recovery vehicles during my time and would gladly do it again, my 2nd choice of trade would have been Recy Mech.
  7. What you do when you are not recovering vehicles is to drink the crates of beer you get for recovering vehicles, from the crews of said vehicles. Enjoy!
  8. Thanks for the replies.

    1. Are there that many vehicles that need recovering when not on operations? Or would we respond to every breakdown?

    My first choice was Infantry!

    I read that when you are attached to a unit there will only be one or two recovery mechanics and the other people in the vehicle will be from different trades. Is this true?
  9. TBH I dont really know, been out of the field army for 3 years now.

    EDIT, still enjoy a little banter though (All the reccy mechs are probably still out on the piss though).
  10. I was a Recy Mech for 13 years after grunting with the Royal Anglians. (Fine Regiment)

    Go for it mate. T'was the best Job in the Army.

    I left in 1988 and I know a lot has changed since then but feel free to PM me for the site where you will get bang up to date info.
  11. Do you recover vehicles that break down on public roads in the UK?

    Thanks, richard_813.
  12. You recover vehicles when they break down/crash/get bogged anywhere on your patch whether you are based inthe UK, abroad or on operations.
    Thats the job.
  13. Or practicing snatch block lifts.

  14. Depending on what Unit you get posted to decides how much recovery you get to do. As a Class 3 'Jelly', you will probably be sent to a REME Battalion for your first posting. There you will spend many hours wondering why the Hell you joined in the first place as Recovery tasks will be few and far between and most of the Recovery vehicles are waiting to be fixed. Do not despair though because your Recy Mech NCO'S will organise additional training whenever there is time available. When you go on an Op Tour, and you will, you will come to realise that you are doing one of the most satisfying jobs ever. The tempo of Recovery on Ops is quite high and you will quickly learn if you can hack it or not.

    This is not a job for anyone who thinks that it will be an easy ride. Bear in mind that since Op Telic began, Recy Mechs have received more Operational Awards than the rest of the REME combined as well as the highest decorations. If you can't handle a bit of pressure, this may not be the job for you.

    When not recovering vehicles, as a Craftsman you will spend most of your time maintaining the Recovery vehicles as well as CES checks and Lifting Tackle checks. As for repairing vehicles, you will learn basic fault finding on your Class 3 course so that when you go out on a Recovery task there will be an outside chance that you may get the thing going again.

    Most important thing to remember is never to trust anyone who has broken down or got stuck; when you turn up to a job people start lying to you straight away as well as telling you the best way to do your job! (And they are ALWAYS wrong.....)
  15. Speaking as an ex Recy Mech, it's the best job in the mob.

    If you can get with the Wedgies (Engineers) or Tanks you'll have a great time and get a lot of crates (see other posts)!!!