Reme - recovery mechanic, is this a good job?

Discussion in 'REME' started by clarkey1994, May 5, 2012.

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  1. Hi I'm new to this, I've bassically got my adsc on Wednesday, is recovery mechanic a good job? And are you out with infantry during ops? What do you spend most time doing? Thanks!
  2. If you like drinking piss and getting up to your neck in water/mud then thats the job for you.
  3. Why would you drink piss? Plz be serious
  4. He is.
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  5. Yeah so you've been a great help.
  6. Any time. Do hurry back. Missing you already.
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  7. Yes I was being serious, wait till your first recy camp.

    Have you done a search of the site? or maybe Google? No? well stop being a retard and try it before getting a strop on.

    Maybe Recy Mech aint for you, they are a cracking bunch with a slightly sadistic sence of humour.
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  8. as in slighly pregnant.
  9. And like to do pints of piss & puke on a Friday night for fun :)
  10. Of course I have searched it. I just wanna know what its like? What's day to day like.?
  11. What makes you think we are joking? Anyone who has encountered a group of reccy mechs will confirm this.
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  12. Difficulty in absorbing information? Then perhaps you ought to re-think your career options.

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  13. **** off. They don't only drink piss and puke, what's day to day like not night to night?
  14. You are quite right, they also **** over biscuits.
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  15. And if you come last, guess what you eat it.