reme records incompetence

Discussion in 'REME' started by warpdriveengaged, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. yes and those who think it will get bad when a certain major retires should maybe look and see the incompetence from others

    it would appear that those chosen ones who allegdely run our corps are as reliable as weather men but do insist in IIP (investors in paperwork)!!

    why can i not be as incompetent as these people and remain in post?

    could it be that RO means untouchable (is that jobs for the boys)?

    or am i not looking at the O long after all officers (especially in our corps)do look after their own do they not?

    my god if the cap was fitting, i suspect the cap man from capsville would be so overworked
  2. Another concise and articulate post from WDE :roll:

    On the booze again were you?
  3. If you are looking for any sort of considered response I suggest that you expand on your post WDE. Otherwise people may think it is an incompetent thread!!
  4. The ROs work hard in a thankless job. Perhaps if people provided posting preferences with sensible and realistic options on them they would be more easily met ? Or perhaps if people read the relevant Corps instruction on courses, postings, etc they would have an understanding into the many factors that need to be taken into account when career managing people and filling units with the right bodies (often conflicting requirements) ? Unfortunately, no-one is perfect and occassionally mistakes are made but trust me when I tell you that each of the old buggers in Glasgow has his heart in the right place. Leave them alone - they do a good job in difficult circumstances ! End of rant.
  5. They never did me any harm, in fact were extremely helpful on a few occasions.
  6. WDE, popular ain't ya..............................................not!

    Yet again you out do yourself with your intelligence, wit and repartee! Now this is a pissed up post but at least I took the time to error check it! :wink:
  8. Funny but after I left regs I worked in MCM Sp Div for a few years so I had dealings with all the specific MCM divs. I can't say that there were many of the ROs who earned their pay through hard work (unless you count a dispensation to being overly rank conscious hard work). Certainly wasn't the generally held opinion of the div WOs or most of the Reg desk officers. Hmmm, I even recall having to do work myself that should have been actioned by one of those overpaid "jobs for the boys" types. Heck, I know for certain that even the DMCM (my boss) at the time held this view. Obviously if you are correct then all those wasters must have died/retired and been replaced since I left but somehow I think not.

    Just checked with a quick phone call to an ex-APC workmate - as I suspected most are still in situ.

    I agree that many of us tried to do a good job in difficult circumstances, unfortunately a lot of the ROs were responsible for making those circumstances difficult.
  9. The RO appointment at MCM Div should not be an RO who has been there for ever and a day and completely lost contact with the real world and current situations within the Corps, in fact they shouldn't be an RO! Better to make the posts a 2 yr appointment either filled by a DE, or even better an LE from who's trade reflects the desk being manned. Service would then be based on in date experience and a knowledge of exactly what the issues are. And stop the flexi time that the desk clerks and RO's seem to always be taking, (especially when you phone with a really important career effecting, personal circumstance solving question/solution!) MCM are really good at passing the blame for their often lack of service onto the individual who has apparently not filled in a PPP in exact accordance with another Corps inst etc etc; if the Div were an HR coy under contract to a large PLC they'd be sacked! Anyway enough griping, just a thought or two, thats all!
  10. They don't really have a choice about that. On the flexi system your hours are recorded when you key in or out and once you go into credit (more than your required 37.5 hrs per week). You are only allowed so many hours (11.5 IIRC) credit to be carried forward to the next month anything over that is lost. There is no mechanism to reclaim pay for those hours unless you are leaving CS employment. At the end of the day those hours have been worked somewhere along the line.

    In comparison with other comprable civvy work, here in Glasgow, Civil Service pay is pretty cr@p. They are paid monthly 1/12 of their annual salary irrespective of any excess flexi hours worked so unless one likes working for the sheer hell of it the only way to recoup your loss is to take your flexi days off. In saying that, you must clear it through your line manager (usually your desk officer - or at least have his/her permission) so in effect any inconvenience or lack of service is their fault in bad management not the person who is merely taking that to which they are due. I certainly would have gladly given up my flexi credits for the much greater pay I had in the Army and I believe many of those I worked with would feel similar.

    The only overtime allowed is when specifically authorised (and that isn't usual). So when clocking off at the end of the day any time worked past the flexi cut-off time (1800 hrs IIRC) is lost. Many is the time I had a phone call to deal with that started at 1745 (or later) and I wasn't alone in that. Did we slam down the phone at precisely 1800 - No, where possible, we did what we could and accepted our lost time.

    I well remember the annoyance and frustration which Army personnel felt at losing out on their leave entitlement by not being able to use it, or carry it forward. So bear that in mind when you next complain at another worker only asking for, and taking, that which is actually owed to them.

    I can certainly recall times during my service when I called up other units/departments only to find that the person I needed to speak with was on a sports afternoon/day off/skive, etc. and I know there was neither then, nor now, a formal flexi system in operation in the Army. Are you saying this still does not happen? Or is that somehow different.
  11. OK I don't work in the place any longer so I can't address any specific complaints you may have. However, I do see an obvious answer depending on the situation (i.e. either the proformae were completed and submitted correctly or not).

    a. If, as MCM state, your PPPs are incorrectly completed then the fault is at your end.

    b. If they were done correctly and the MCM Divs critisism is therefore unjustified address the matter through the chain of command.

    Either way complaining here will achieve little.

    During my time I always went through PPP's with my guys before I sent them off. Often they would put unrealistic and silly preferences on there which would gain them nothing. When required all it took was a bit of explanation and they would generally see the point and put sensible and realistic prefs which quite often were accepted. (For the odd buffoon who rejected my advice and felt they knew better I had little sympathy when they drew a blank).

    I never expected the soldiers themselves to be conversant with Corps Instr, etc. rather that was my job to advise them of their content and how it pertained to their situation. Maybe it is just me but I took pride in knowing that forms and documents submitted by those under my control were completed correctly in accordance with whatever regs applied. That may be an old fashioned idea but it did generally gain me O and high A grades on my CRs not to mention saving time having to resubmit or in pleading a case which had never been properly made in the first place.
  12. Quite the opposite Joobs , "complaining" or airing your concerns on here really does pay dividends, proven so as it stirred you into giving us some rather useful information.
    Thank you.

  13. Fair enough, if there was something of interest then you are most welcome. Personally though I just feel it is common sense. Either one completes the proformae correctly or not. PPPs are not even difficult, I can certainly recall others which were far worse. :(
  14. I would just like to say that all personnel at MCM are more than helpful to all members of this beloved Corps. As long as the correct protocols are followed and people don't believe it's their god given right to go where and when they want, the clerks and section heads will generally do what they can.

    If there are any line managers out there who have always given everyone the duties,detachments,Optours and time off they ask for then you are obviously perfect and should be a Brig soon!

    Everything comes to he/she who waits!
  15. I keep harping on about PPPs, but they are the best way of informing MCM about what you would like to do. I kept on reminding people in my unit to fill them in on a 6 monthly basis. Funnily enough, some of them couldn't be arsed, and all of a sudden, a load of them got posted to where they didn't want to go. Ten minutes spent in front of a PC typing one up saves a whole load of hassle later on. THe great majority of people who bother to fill one in do get their posting of choice. Obviously, the needs of the service.............