REME Re-Structuring Again!!!

Discussion in 'REME' started by paul2005, Jun 17, 2005.

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  1. Rumor control has it REME are to restructure again, with REME Bns disbanding. Duty rumor is 1st line manning are to be increased up to Wksp strength again, the manpower coming from the REME Bns, CS Coys are to remain independant providing the second line support to the smaller LAD's and the GS Coys are all to combine (1, 2 & 3 Bns and 4,5 and 6Bns) to form a Log Sup REME Bn (1 in Germany and 1 in UK) providing 1st - 3rd line support, any tours for a Bn format then manpower is to be drafted from these. All this is to be in place by 2007ish.

    Dont know the truth in it but the origin of the source is pretty high (i.e. BEME level)

    Anybody know any different

    Echos of pre Option for change me thinks!!!
  2. Not heard anything like this, but 5 Bn(?) is restructuring as 19 Bde move from mech to Light. Light Bdes will have a CSS Bn, 1 REME Coy & 2 RLC Coys(?).

    Maybe your source has been looking at this.

    FAS sees REME Bns moving from Div Tps to specific Bde support, and as most likely operations are Bde based, this makes sense. Maybe that's it - REME had a logical plan so it needs changing :)
  3. Any idea how this would affect REME TA??
    Are there any documents to back this rumour up?
  4. Really dont know the accuracy of this but the person who told me saw the document himself, however I'm told 3 Bn are forming a Theatre Tps Coy, I dont know the relevance though.
  5. I've heard something completely different from those actually making the decisions, rather than the rumours. Good rumour though!

    19 Mech are getting a CSS Bn, with rotating COs - eg RLC to REME and back again.

    Th Tps wksp are looking at Bielefeld, and as 3 Bn REME look after 3 Garr Wksp in same town, would be a logical command relationship.

    However, as Log Bdes move to be under 1 and 3 Divs, so Th Tps wksps will come with them - hence, names may be changing. If I were OC Th Tps Wksp, I wouldn't be getting any signs made too soon!

    With 4 Armd becoming Mech, there may be a reduction in the size of a Mech Bde REME Bn - all due to what equipment it supports!
  6. Not heard anything about it but it sounds like a bloody good idea to me. You get a lot more out of tradesmen at first line and they tend to get a lot more out of it as well.

  7. Hope it is true get the boys back to first line where they and the user want them to be. blows away WFM though.
  8. As I understand,

    4 Bn host a Th Tps Coy in UK.

    Nail on the head again Nige, don't know about rotating Cheesy Onions though(Spanner), I seiously hope not for the troops sake. :)
  9. It's nothing new to rotate the CO of a CSS Bn.

    When I was at AMF(L) Log Sp Bn, we had an RLC CO, who was replaced by certain Lt Col Tetlow :)
  10. So all this is your fault then Nige for not topping him when you had the chance!
  11. Worth getting a response from any REME Force Development folks out there???

    Think rebalancing is quite a good thing (now), having been at first line recently. Was able to get massive amounts of assistance when it was required, and when it was required. Do not like the idea of REME tradesmen being abused as Cav or Inf Regt CO's fatigue men, as they end up being used as poly-filla within the parent regiment. This is more corrosive to morale than being at second line.
  12. Does anyone have an ORBAT for 19 CSS yet?
  13. Spanner - appreciate where you are coming from mate but a strong OC or if hes a flapper/yes man, a good ASM/AQMS should sort this out.

    WFM leaves a Regt with one BTY/COY/SQN's worth of equipment to "Train with". LAD/WKSP reflects cuts through MPA (they can stand it DEME_A honest!). Great, sh1t hits fan, kit out of Whole Fleet Abandonment, LAD has to trawl like Fcuk to get up to speed and work on kit that is in absolute FCUKIN CLIP!!!

    AH Bo****ks to it, phone the AA or RAC and give them a day on the ranges every year. Thats all the REME get anyway, TRG to SPT/SPT to TRG, my ARRSE!!!!!!
  14. Cyberhacker; 5Bn is officially gone and has been 19 CSS Bn for a whole week now. Orbat should be finalised for 2008 (ish).