REME policy (moved over from NAAFI BAR)

Is it true that all REME soldiers must do a 1st and 2nd line posting as part of their development?

If so how come there are hundreds of people out there who have not done 2nd line!

Is this just a ploy by unhelpful PCs and COY staff to piss people off cos they can not be arsed to make a few phone calls, even if you have done the digging and found a slot you could fill else where!
Its certainly an aspiration that Technicians have a 1st & 2nd line posting in their first two moves. The reality can be somewhat different but in general it is the case.
Recovery mechanics tend to be posted to REME Bns first.
As for the other trades Im not sure, all I'll say as Im nearing the end of my first Bn posting after 20 years, dont worry if you do go 2nd line, the banter and job is not that different.

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