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Discussion in 'REME' started by Arr3eH0Le, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. Mod, might be worth making this one a sticky?
  2. Not my capbadge, so couldn't care less either way, but doesn't the REME board here let you do this sort of thing?

    That said, good luck to all those concerned.
  3. I really can't see the point...
    That being said however, I'll offer some constructive criticism:-

    1. The software is crap.
    2. It looks terrible in Firefox - you don't want to alienate 20% (& rising) of users.
    3. There's no obvious reason why I would choose this over ARRSE

    What was your reason for creating the site? What do you hope to gain / offer?


  4. what a crock of s**t. Think i will stick with arrse.
  5. Has this site been developed by kids on their Key Stage 1 computing.
  6. Have to agree fully with BFG 9000.

    The site does not offer anything better than the REME board here on ARRSE, so why would you expect people to migrate to it?
  7. Load of shite, created from a zx spectrum! Will be sticking with arrse.
  8. and these guy fix things. OMG
  9. I'm happy with ARRSE
    can't understand why you would want to change something that works
    Oh, ya thats right you're REME.
  10. :):):)
  11. DaleRoch you are a star - a fuggin MONstar...........

    How's leave going?
  12. Now THAT'S funny. And sadly, too f*cking true.
  13. I'd square that one away PRONTO.
  14. Arr3eH0Le

    TBH the first site did look shite......but this on looks a bit more promising.

    I got you email and tried to reply but it just got bounced back......

    I'm having trouble logging on to the new site....any ideas????

    This is what I get....

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    Cheers TAM

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