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Discussion in 'REME' started by Disco_355, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. Am thinking about applying for the REME pre-para that is coming up soon. I know obviously it is going to involve alot of beastings and hard PT but can anyone that has completed or attended it recently give me a heads up on exactly what to expect? Cheers.
  2. Standing in a circle with your Para buddies, w**king each other off whilst calling everyone else "hat basta*ds"...
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  3. Unless it has changed an awful lot since my failed attempt, expect pain, pain, more pain and then some.
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  4. Obviously a P Coy failure!

    Or just a bellend.
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  5. PAIN
  6. Could have sworn I just said that. Must be an echo in here.
  7. get yourself a really long dpm smock...
  8. There must be
  9. Dude it is a difficult course but with some pre training it is passable. i did it about 7yrs ago. just make sure on day one of the course you give it everything on the mile and a half! message me if you want to know anything
  10. not good sterotyping everone!! i guess you did not meet the required standard never mind mate all that extra money you miss out on!!
    shame ;)
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  11. But is he telling the truth?
  12. no
    i dont fit into that statement at all!!
    maybe he has come across a minority of a few blokes with attitude who give off the wrong impression!!
    or maybe like suggested he is bitter/jelous ????
  13. WAH
  14. Believe it or not the No.1 Sgt DS at the moment for All Arms Parachute Selection is REME.
    At the moment they have a really good P Coy staff who rather than trying to destroy people are trying to get as many people through as possible without letting any standards slip.
    You are treated like a human instread of a turd. The course is as hard as it has ever been. Never a better time to get yourself up the road.