REME ORs Mess Kit for sale

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by SkyMistress, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. Right guys im trying to sell this for a friend so open to offers on price

    48 - 50 Chest
    42 Waist
    28 in leg

    good condition apparently he has only been shitfaced in it 8 times lol

    PM me if you want it
  2. He wants me to add he has never pissed himself or been sick in it (promises me he took it off before he puked).
  3. Bloody hell he must be a human medicine ball :D
  4. rofl id say more of an umpa lumpa
  5. tut.....spelling...

    Have you tried ebay? One of the girls in my mess got a complete mess kit for £100 in spanking condition. They sell them on there for all ranks, corps and price ranges.
  6. Thanks sluttymummyminx ill let him know, think he's a bit crap with ebay though. Being an Umpa lumpa (how the feck do u spell that?) he cant reach the keyboard
  7. Well you just have to ask your mates to sell it for you then don't ya........
  8. will u sell it for me then?????

  9. I am asking a few colleagues to go halves with me. The tailor on camp reckons he could fit two of us out with this baby.
  10. fook off
  11. ask nicely