REME ORs Mess Kit for sale

Right guys im trying to sell this for a friend so open to offers on price

48 - 50 Chest
42 Waist
28 in leg

good condition apparently he has only been shitfaced in it 8 times lol

PM me if you want it
TrollyDolly said:
42 Waist
28 in leg
Bloody hell he must be a human medicine ball :D
TrollyDolly said:
rofl id say more of an umpa lumpa

Have you tried ebay? One of the girls in my mess got a complete mess kit for £100 in spanking condition. They sell them on there for all ranks, corps and price ranges.
Thanks sluttymummyminx ill let him know, think he's a bit crap with ebay though. Being an Umpa lumpa (how the feck do u spell that?) he cant reach the keyboard

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