REME or Sigs?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by REMEwannab, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. Hi all, my first post!

    Im looking at joining the forces once I've completed my apprenticeship that im on at the moment. Im doing an IT support NVQ level 2 at the moment with my local council, so its mostly about software and some hardware support, networking, telephones and installing new kit. But I've found out that im just not suited to office work, full of people who make rediculous demands because they have illusions of self importance, so to get away from this sort of life, I've decided to give the forces a go

    I've been looking at joining the REME with Command, Communications and Information Systems Specialist in mind. I've heard that this is quite a new job within the REME and is fairly similar to a systems engineer in the sigs but in a different corps.

    I checked the job brief on the website which isnt really all that informative.

    "As a Military Engineer Command Communications and Information Systems Specialist, the design and construction of communication networks to cope with the demand of extended range, terrain or atmospheric conditions is your responsibility. Whether it's working alone or as part of a team, you will be a key operative during major exercises and operational tasks, and as such have considerable individual responsibility. You will relay vital information and so will need to have excellent powers of concentration and a real eye for detail. Also trained as a Soldier and Combat Engineer, your skills will enable you to support all three Services and even fight as an Infantry Soldier when required"

    What it doesnt mention is what day to day things are done in this job. So just wondering is anyone doing this job at the moment or knows a bit more about whats involved etc.

    I've got the impression from threads I've read here and other people i've spoken to that the sigs should be avoided, but from my perspective it doesnt seem too bad.

    Can anyone offer some advice? (sorry about the long post btw)
  2. Whys that then?

    If you have been reading the sigs board then you should take most of what is said on there with a pinch of salt. If you are speaking to ex members of The Royal Corps of Signals, who have got out because "it was crap" then you should really try speaking to some who are still serving.

    I can't really comment on the REME job as I have no idea what it involves.
  3. REME, No question; only because you get to serve with ither units (by and large). I served with three sigs units and enjoyed them all, but I also enjoyed the diversity of Infantry, Engineers, etc,
  4. REMEwannab,

    Welcome to the site.

    All I found when checking the careers' section on the MOD website was:

    I think you have mis-read this job description which is a Sapper (Royal Engineers) job. The clue is in the bit about blowing up things!

    For REME jobs, you would be looking at the Electronics Technician - repairing tanks, Bowman, helicopters, missile systems etc, but not all at once... LOL!

    From your background, I would have guessed that the Royal Signals would be right up your street, rather than the REME. The Scalies do far more work with computers and networks.

    However, I recommend that you think about your motives for joining! The Army has its share of arrses - and you can't answer back or walk out! Think about it... hard!

  5. My bold. Can't speak for the REME but in my experiance that counts for most of the signals hierachy above Ssgt excluding those in trade role.

    There are a lot of bad things on here about the Signals. Don't believe it all You can diversify the types of units you serve in and there are some pretty good roles.
    My advice is read what is written here, but most of it mine included will be personal opinion. Get some facts from other scources but most of all make up your own mind. Oh and good luck!