Discussion in 'RLC' started by Danny98939, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    I am in the process of applying to join the REME or RLC and have passed my BARB and first interview.

    For my three choices of trade I have gone with Supply Ctrl(now Supplyer), Military Engineer(which i decided is not quite what i want to do) and Armourer.

    I have read all the information about the jobs. Hoping to get some help and advice from people who know. I'll be going to the Selection Centre next Monday. So, it would be helpful if give me your opinions on the above trades, because the information which was given to me at the ACO doesn't say a lot about what you actually do in the job.

  2. Be a Pet Op, drink way more!
  3. There's no question in my mind mate. If you're a bright lad join the REME. The RLC are dull. Sorry but they are. (Lairdx smirks to himself and takes cover.) :wink:

    Of course if you want to be idolised by the rest of the army join the Infantry.
  4. Granted REME offers more jobwise, but Pet Op is a really good p**s up, and if one is a "bright" lad, one may do the CLA course which gives one access to a still, lots of chemicals, and the ability to distill some really good hooch!
  5. Be a REME armourer, everyone uses a weapon and at some point everyone damages their weapon, you’ll be much loved when you’re the one relied apone to fix them.
    The best REME trade is Recy Mech though.
  6. excellent post army careers in the USA
  7. Don't listen to any of the above garbage, get a tech trade which will see you employed when you get out. All squaddies get the chance to get leathered and you will get plenty of tours in whatever you do.
  8. Goku

    Recy Mech!!! are you having a giraffe or trying to mislead the poor lad!

    15 years ago recy mechs were a good bunch but not now, they are trying to live on past reputation
  9. If you like having your pants round your ankles and getting a good shafting join the RLC!
  10. And of course take redundancy, or stay in for 22 years and have no discerbable skills to take to civvi street. If you go down the Infantry route I would advise you to start giving generously to homeless support charities - think of it as a pension fund!
  11. Do yourself an even bigger favour Mate, join neither. If you want a life of action, adventure, travel and fun, join the Royal Marines. Having worked extensivewly with them, I wish I had. I think the RLC/REME will dissapoint!
  12. Or Club 18-30.
  13. Go for the Pet Op, they have great fun and lots of terific posting!
  14. The bloke is joining as a tom! Why would he ever want to be a Booty? See Sangreals comments on infantry.
  15. Its a much of a muchness, join the ones that your mates are joining