Discussion in 'REME' started by Danny98939, Jun 21, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    I am in the process of applying to join the REME or RLC and have passed my BARB and first interview.

    For my three choices of trade I have gone with Supply Ctrl(now Supplyer), Military Engineer(which i decided is not quite what i want to do) and Armourer.

    I have read all the information about the jobs. Hoping to get some help and advice from people who know. I'll be going to the Selection Centre next Monday. So, it would be helpful if give me your opinions on the above trades, because the information which was given to me at the ACO doesn't say a lot about what you actually do in the job.

  2. What would you expect to do?

    Supply controller= Not a lot

    Armourer= Even less than a Sup Con :lol:

    JB 68
  3. Once you ignore the nursery section advice, my 2p worth.

    First decide if you want a full career and not just 3/4 yrs either way get a trade that will be useful and recognised in civi street if you leave, also consider an apprenticeship in civi street if your young enough.
    If you have the academic qualifications you could also try officer selection.

    What ever you decide give it your best shot and good luck.
  4. Ooooo....Handbag's? :lol: :lol:

    Not like you to be so serious Bozz :lol:
  5. Y?

    RLC at least you get a proper trade. What good is Armourer in Civi pop? None.
  6. A class 1 Armourer can go and work for the filth tactical firearms unit starting on 26K a year.

    No good indeed, you c0ck.
  7. ooohh handbags at dawn, saucer of milk for 2
  8. Don't talk b0llocks then.
  9. REME Armourer. Even if you do a full 22, there will still be vacancies in the TA or NRPS(or whatever succeeds it). Armourer = rocking horse sh&t!
  10. Everytime I open the jobs section of the local rag I can see that the pages are full of TFU Armourer adverts......

    ........blanket stacker related aplenty though :lol:
  11. Bit difficult to suggest without knowing your BARB Score

    Have you considered Ammo Tech or Mover? One gives you good career progression and employability outside, the other one gets you round the world (as does Postie).

    Anyone heard the song:

    A I'm an armourer, B I'm an armourer, C I'm an armourer.........................A I'm an armourer, B I'm an armourer, C I'm an armourer.........................etc etc lol
  12. F*ck off and stack some blankets. Then order me some spares so that I can so an important Job.

    For Chr1sts sake, don't become a mover. The most hated trade ever.
  13. The chances of an armourer working for the Bill as an armourer are pretty slim, there are (relatively) lots of armourers for not many Police jobs.

    A lot of weapons repairs / servicing for the Police are completed by ABROs.

    That said, I'd still say that an armourer has more employment opportunities than a Sup Con. Armourers don't just fix guns, they have a lot of transferrable skills, provided they are able to remove the blinkers and think a bit.
  14. Now that is where they should stumble and fall :) (IMO)