REME or commando

I am thinking of joining up my first though was to go into reme and learn a trade, but with more research i found it may be a bit boring and wont get many opportunities to travel as much ect.

With that in mind i have always wanted to join the royal marines and become a commando as they seem to do more adventurous things and i feel i would enjoy this a lot more.

Just wanted to know some of your guys opinions and what the benefits if any of the both of them also if you can learn life long trade with the marines
Soooo....on one hand you want to bugger about with broken things, but on the other you want adventure, travel, excitement.

Combine the two and become an RAC patrol man.

You could even get an RAC tattoo across your chest to really fit in...before you pass their training of course!
Solution is obvious. Join REME and get a trade, then do the jump course and get your wings up, followed by all arms commando course, and finally do selection for "them". That way you'll have four different colour berets to wear, depending on the occasion.
Are you tall, fair and ruggedly handsome or more of a squat, squinty-eyed troglodyte?
Sometimes your genes decide your destiny.
Listen sasman, wherever you go it is important to fit in and not look too much of a twat, with that in mind you may want to consider changing your handle.

You can learn a trade in the Marines by the way.
Or become a VM in the Royal Marines. Job jobbed.

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