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REME on the Honours List

Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS)

Major Andrew BURTON
Staff Sergeant Donald DEVLIN

Military Cross (MC)

Staff Sergeant Christopher Brian LYNDHURST
Lance Corporal Paul Christopher WILSON

Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS)

Staff Sergeant Philip HARLAND Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Congratulations to you all.
G104MEN said:
Good drills! :lol: :D Congratulaions all round.
( What's the betting the 2 MC's are Recy mechs?)
Yes they are Recy Mechs, & I think Phil Harland may be too as there was a Phil harland young crafty I had with me on my Cent for 3RTR staff college demo 86,

Gents you are Awesome in our midst, I look forward to shaking your hands when we meet next , and too all the other guys doin their bit well done too Boys,
yep your right they are both recce mechs i was there when it happened and was surprised nobody was killed as they were getting idf as they were trying to recover a bogged in panzer in al amarrah had to blow the tracks in the end, mention should go to another sgt that was there M,L they were all trying to take cover under there wagon in between connecting up and dragging it out all the time getting all sorts thrown at them well done lads.
well deserved gent's, recognition for sterling efforts.
REME doing what it does best, getting equip back in the users hands in a hostile enviroment.
To all the lads doing the biz, keep it up we are proud of you all.
Well done all. You are inspirations to the Corps.

Phil H is a Master Welder and throughout Telic 9, him and his team of metal benders produced some awesome work for anyone and everyone. They are all recognised with this award. I am truly proud of you Phil, and honoured to have worked alongside you and your guys (& gal!).

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