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Discussion in 'REME' started by Shaun sooty, Jan 23, 2011.

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  1. So, i have heard a lot of bad stuff about REME officers and i would like to know what would make a good one.
    Many thanks
  2. Same as for any non-REME officer - leadership, consistency, humility, empathy, intelligence, common sense, selflessness etc - all the obvious things - just read "Serve to Lead". Methinks this is a loaded question or one anyone should know the answer to - WAH!!

    Whinging about REME officers is a common theme on here but there are crap non-REME officers, crap artisans, crap tiffies, crap Cfn, crap JNCOs, crap SNCOs and crap tradesmen. Some posters just like whinging about others which I suspect tells a lot about them and their own imperfections LOL.

    Just make sure you are not one of them!!
  3. HAHA nice, thanks mate ill have a go at being all of the listed and we will see how it goes but im only 15 and trying to get into Welbeck at the moment but prior planning and all that.
  4. bore off....
  5. If you want to be an army officer, why don't you join a more military bit of the army? The REME - it's officers are largely superfluous. The nut strangling, hammer weilding and soldering all get done by very clever chaps in the ranks, who tend to be pretty much self-governing. As a young REME (note how similar REME and REMF are) officer, you'll mooch about, getting in the way until some twit in Glasgow decides it's time for you to be a Major - that's when it gets dangerous for the rest of us and you might be posted outside your comfort zone and have to interact with 'real' soldiers.
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  6. Sadly I have to agree and I am REME, I have yet to see a young REME Officer provide any worthy input into our once loved Corps. Until you reach the dizzy heights of Captain (and only if you are lucky) will you get a sniff of any sort of Command. Hopefully (for us) you would get a bone job in a Bn as Adj or something as exciting once your 2
    3 pips are secured.

    There are of course exceptions to the rule - few and far between in the REME. In fact I have a handful of REME Officer friends so that limits the amount of decent Officers left!!!

    Seriously tho look at what you want out of the job - what makes a good REME Officer - if we knew that then we wouldn't have so many cocks out there bluffing!!
  7. Well what about Royal Enginerees? Sorry about the spelling, soo tired, if i go to Welbeck which i do i will have to go into a enginerring regiment.
  8. Tired at this time!

    Sounds like perfect orificer material to me!
  9. hehe, no ive just had a massive gym session so im knakered
  10. If you go to the new Welbeck you will be expected to go into REME, RE, RSignals or RLC. At 15, you will have plenty time in the 5-6 years ahead of commissioning to go on fam visits and attachments to assess where you'd best fit - you'll get plenty chance on these visits to speak to young officers and soldiers to inform your choice. ARSSE is not the best place to factfind - trust me.

    Most posters have an axe to grind - especially against officers - LOL.

    You will not be asked to commit to a Corps ahead of Sandhurst. I suspect you've not past AOSB ahead of DSFC yet or got the Maths or Physics GCSE grades yet - so one step at a time eh!!
  11. Wouldn't it have been easier to just correct the spelling rather than writing about being tired? Sounds like perfect REME officer material, over-complicating everything!
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  12. oh right cheers, i was under the impression that i had to have made a choice while i am at Welbeck
  13. You will be informally sponsored at DSFC by one of the Corps but its not binding. The real choice of arm process happens at RMAS. As well as you choosing 2 Corps, they need to choose you so its a 2 way street. Check out the DSFC website!!! Google!
  14. Okimato has got it spot on. Listen to him.
  15. My ocifer is an all round top bloke! Stands his round and everything!