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Discussion in 'REME' started by Shaun sooty, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. So what jobs are REME officers tasked with as im hoping to get into Welbeck but if not hey ho
    if i dont get in i will go another route
    i understand that it wont be a fully "hands on" job but i want to find out what jobs they will do
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Engineering - not necc the oily hands type, but real engineering, problem solving, etc. You'll get excellent training and plenty of opportunities - but if it's continuous action you're after, then perhaps look elsewhere!

    Oh, and not to forget (although many seem to) management skills - looking after a group of often highly skilled, highly intelligent soldiers. And possibly some Recy Mechs as well.
  3. oh right thanks this realy helps
  4. and of course by attending Welbeck you will be initiated into the REME Macchiavellian Appreciation Society, where amongst other things you will learn how to make your own little empire...

    At least I assume you will, as every Welbexian I've ever met in the corps has been beavering away at that task (with varying degrees of success)...
  5. What would a REME officer be any good at then, definately nothing hands on, that will end in a trip to A&E. Avoid contact with lower ranks too unless you enjoy having the piss ripped out of you, you need to be in a position where difficult decisions can be avoided, like what to have for dinner etc.

    Pen pushing would be good, as long as youre not involved in soldiers career planning - cos youll be fkkin shite at that too.
    I woudent worry about mess life either because the regiment offrs will just think you are a complete twat anyway and you will always be sat next to the most hated billy no mates mess member at functions and his fat wife....
    H ahah ha ha ha ha
  6. while I know I should not.I snigger at the above post!!
  7. Got to laugh at that one, Basically you ticket punch until you get comd of a detachment, then you bluff yer way with the CO leaving the ASM to do the job for you , then you ticket punch all the way to Lt Col. Don't know what you do when you get there. OH , make sure you have a really brain dead bimbo for a wife.
  8. haha
    varing degrees of helpfullness but funny none the less
  9. Unfortunately SS the majority of the funny comments above are so very true for the majority of REME Officers. That said, I have served with a few good Officers...
  10. well with luck i will be one of those few...
  12. Never met Major C-S then I take it?
    The REME has good officers and decent officers, same as everywhere else.
  13. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH hark at that, he found a good one!!One in many hundreds, basically they are all carp, I should know I have worked for them for 20 odd years.
  14. Seen when seen.
    I'll take your 20 years into account and claim ignorance, but to write them all off seems a tad off the wicket.