REME officers. resource managers or professional engineers?

Discussion in 'REME' started by sojer-bhoy, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. are REME officers professional engineers or merely resource managers. what do you all think?
  2. personally i think the engineering decisions of a technical nature are made at a much lower level than Offr.

    But you cannot take away the fact the majority are highly qualified in an engineering discipline of some sort......

    edited to add maybe a mod should move this into a more suitable forum, ie REME??
  3. Most engineering decisions are made by SSgt - WO1, with advice from the hands on experts at Cpl level. REME officers do make engineering decisions on occasions, but this should only with advice from WOs.

    I don't think all REME officers need to be Engineering Officers, in fact I think it can be a pain that they are - they think too much!

    They are more effective as resource managers, but it isn't as 'sexy' as being an Engineering Officer is it?
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    REME Officers are, by requirement and selection and training, professional engineers, and carry on CPD while serving, getting Chartered status, etc.

    However.... they carry out the 'duties' of resource managers, as do most Officers. There is little, if any, call on them ever to use their professional engineering skills, unless they are in an IPT or similar. Certainly not when with the Field Force!
  5. Not all of 'em. I had a particularly crap EME who had failed his degree but was still given an EME job. Got his just desserts though - DEME(A) posting :)
  6. Totally agree OldSnowy but im sure Nige may be correct that not ALL REME Offrs are qualified in an Eng capacity. Didnt they change it a while back as they were not getting enough DE's with Eng Quals??

    Similar to dropping the initial standards for other trades in the REME as the recruiting was low..... :roll:
  7. From the REME web site:

    Hope this helps.

    Edited to add that the apparent gibberish in paragraph 2 seems to be a formatting error on the source web page.
  8. There are some who are resource managers, there are some who are engineering professionals. And then there are the rest...
  9. There are plenty of REME Captains out there who only have an HND, it is therefore ironic that they are considered (by the Army) as the Engineering officer when the majority of their Artificers have actual Engineering degrees. I do agree that for an officer to have a career he is expected to gain an Engineering Degree at Capt/Maj, however i think an Engineering officer should be suitably qualified on his own merits so that he can make a decision, when required, whilst taking into account the advice of Artificers or other tradesmen. Recruiting unqualified officer candidates, whilst relying on the Artificers to carry them on every Engineering decision is a cop out to meet the Corps officer recruiting quota.
  10. by nature and job spec, all officers are resource managers ( although the standard may vary! ) but to what level should REME officers be making engineering decisions. eg is there a requirement for baby officers to learn to assy/sub assy level in order to 'have more creditability' in the workplace? or can the officer, ie pl cmd at bn. rely purely on his tiffy to give technical assistance where needed?
  11. In my day there were DE and GOPWOs. The former were qualified the latter not, and were basically QMs under another guise. The amount of engineering that an officer did depended on where he was. There were plenty of staffing type roles, plenty of staff ones too, and a few real engineering mainly as aircraft and electronics officers where they could make decisions. Most artificers had HNDs, with a few BSc.
  12. The Pl Comdr may not always have a tiffy to rely on for engineering guidance, his next port of call may be a fullscrew, even at Bn level.
  13. I think that you are missing the point.

    This is nicked from the MOD REME web page:
    'REME Officers are highly trained, professional leaders - delivering practical solutions in a uniquely challenging environment.'

    REME officers are employed as leaders, that what they should do. Yes management skills are important and on occasions they need to make engineering decisions, but if they are ineffective leaders then they are wasting their time in the Field Force.
    Think of the best REME officer you have worked with, and ask yourself why he or she was the best. I doubt that they were the best because of their engineering prowess or because you thought that they were good managers. I suspect that its was their leadership qualities that came through and why you would have been happy for them to lead you.
  14. The way in which a senior officer develops is a reflection of his experiences and decisions as a Lt/Capt. I think a fine example of this can be seen from a comparison of Cav and Reme officers.

    The young Cav officer is usually from a financial secure background and when given the opportunity to make a Leadership decision he chooses what he believes is the right one for the MEN, as he does not have any promotion/pay/career issues to worry about.

    The young Reme officer is usually from a working class background and as such has no "family money" to fall back on, he therefore makes Leadership decisions based on what is best for HIS career and not that of his men. This is carried on through his career as a senior officer and that is why we have so many shallow and selfish individuals in command within the Corps.

    'am i right?....i'm not f*ckin wrong!
  15. I had an OC in CS Coy who had 2 engineering degrees. In 2 years he used them a grand total of NO times. In fact he couldn't remember the formula for calculating stress. In fact neither could anybody else at the O Gp (which included an ASM, an AQMS, a tiffy, a LE Capt and a DE Capt!!!!) :lol:

    I asked a Bn CO on my Part 3 interview when he last used his Engineering degree and he couldn't answer.

    However having served in an aviation Unit I know the OC LAD/Wksp does make Engineering decisions in those Units.