REME Officer retention (NOT)

Discussion in 'REME' started by ArtVeh88, Sep 18, 2005.

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  1. Firstly DEME(A) resigns his commission.
    Now Comd ES 3 Div has resigned.
    CO 6 Bn REME has made it clear he intends to resign.
    2IC 1 Bn REME has resigned.
    Coy Comd 1 Bn REME has resigned.

    If we cannot retain Brigadiers, Full Colonels, Lt Colonels (in command) and good Majors what chance have we got.

    Makes the REME Recruiting Teams we have set up rather futile. We maybe need a REME Officer Motivation Team. Our leaders are jumping ship, and from plum jobs as well. These jobs used to be coveted, however now they are a springboard to civvy street.

  2. Not just REME AV88. The last few Army Retirements Board results have made sober reading. Some well-respected officers from all Arms and Services are retiring in their late 30's/early 40's. I'll be leaving my job as Supreme Commander of the Asgard soon as well for a more stable life in Valhalla (or, failing that, Rotherham)
  3. Poofs the lot of em!!

  4. The question is why are they leaving?
    Disatisfaction with prospects, pension, over load of work? Too many commitments and not enough resources or just a better offer in a civilian job?
  5. Your an expert on them are you?
  6. I've always said I would leave when I no longer enjoyed what I was doing. As it happens, I love my current job but felt it best to retire on a high at an age where I have got time for a second career. Long-term prospects do matter (one more promotion, maybe, with many years left to serve?)and a shrinking Army means vicious competition for the 'best' jobs. I'm not prepared to sacrifice my marriage and family life to work all hours for jam tomorrow.
  7. I could think of a few i'd love to help leave!
  8. Pension point is a good time to go - cash influx to pay off a chunk of the mortgage and still relatively young. The jam tomorrow idea that the Army mistakenly believes will entice people to stay is naive at best - there just are not the promotion opportunities that there were and the Army does not pay enough to make up for that. Mercenary, I know, but my ambition extends further than a long line of SO2 jobs and the vague possibility of promotion at 42ish. And there's only so long I can hold out against the long haired general's demands to resurrect her career.
  9. The other key times are 2 years after a promotion, to qualify for the full benefits of the rank in your pension (and the jump from Maj to Lt Col is significant) or at the end of a Command tour, when the last job on your CV is the most impressive (usually). Of course, if you're in a post in the DLO or DPA that has strong links with a contractor, it could be a very good time to go!
  10. I guess you are basing that question on the theory that any one who questions the sexuality of another is in fact gay them self. Sorry to disappoint but no not an expert, that theory was created by poofs to try to dodge flack so if the cap fits get it on your head!

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  11. Sorry to disappoint you, I was only asking for an answer on your remarks. Personally I don't give a rats arse what you are. Although I do detect a strong whiff of bullshit in your post.
  12. Come on guys, we already have one of the most boring forums on the site, lets not drag decent threads down to this level as well.

    To take it slightly off track, where does this leave guys who want a LE commission? I just looks as though the corps is going slowly down the drain and no one is doing anything to halt the slide.

    some info here on the LE side, but as u said sparky8 the REME is going down the pan in general i think. just glad i jumped ship last year when i did!!

    who is gonna halt the slide?? when it hits the bottom or are senior REME officers going to realise pretty quick there is a big problem in the corps??
  14. Getting back to the point, if the Corps' policy of removing officers from command if they PVR stands for all ranks, they should all be gone by Christmas. I am sure there are plenty willing volunteers waiting to take their place. If the Corps is 'going down the pan', then surely it is time for a change. Proper officers do not threaten to leave. When they want to go they just get on with it.
  15. Is AQMS a command appt? If so, I'll be off as soon as you can fix it please - beats another TELIC :)