REME NO2s needed

i urgently need a set of reme number 2s for a wedding at the beggining of may. can anybody help me out with info of where i could get a set. thanks
This do:


Inevitable and tedious I know!
ive checked ebay and it doesnt have any even close to my sizes. sorry i should have posted them also.
190/112/104. he wants it in number 2s im just turnin up to it. i suggested the same.


Whats your current location?
It might be easier to find any set of 2's and just get the buttons and collar dogs from your QM's


I'm not teaching you to suck eggs but have you tried asking round camp, surely not everyone is going to this wedding.
Northampton. or Bordon. thats not a bad idea ill have to get them sepperate though as my qm has nothing like that as our bn has jus been formed.


Do you have a set you can exchange?

Try phoning round all the camps in the area. I'd try for just standard 2's and source buttons on there own. You stand a much better chance. Remember almost every camp has REME so one of them should have the buttons etc you need. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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