Reme No. 1 Uniform

Has anybody got a piccie of a REME no1 uniform? If so, please PM me! Getting married soon and need to find a wedding dress matching H2B's uniform - unfortunately, he doesn't want to show me his uniform before the wedding.

Jackie xx
mighty_doh-nut said:
I thought they were just your best coveralls straight from the tumble dryer. :D
Depends on trade

VMs Only if the grease stain is out of the knees and smell of derv has gone.

VEs - Best Coveralls with battery acid holes in

Recce Mechs Only if food stains have disappeared from chest/belly area

Armourers. Pink coveralls, with welders mask to guard against bright light of 'the outside world'

Techs - Brand new coveralls with sewn in creases. Stockings and sussies underneath

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