I'm getting married next year in 1s and the missus has asked about swords and such things, naturally I have asked the CoC and trawled through Dress Regs and QR's etc first but I can't seem to find anything concrete. If anyone could point me in the right direction for regs on what exactly is worn and how it would be greatly appreciated. I've seen pictures on the tailors website of REME guys with all sorts of gold lanyards but to be honest it's pretty chippy and I don't want to end up wearing something that I shouldn't be. As for the swords I know normally it would only be an Officer wearing one (I am an NCO) but again i have seen other NCO's get married with a sword.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Nor should you think of having a Sword Guard, unless it is provided by officers.

'Gold lanyards' or aiguellettes, Drummers' Cords, Bugle Cords, etc etc shown not be worn unless you qualify for them.

Wear the uniform that you are entitled too, don't look like a fool or a Walt, don't try and pretend you are something you are not, be proud of who you are and what you are and have a bloody good day.
Only problem my RSM is a tanky, and have already asked the top corridor of the LAD.
Ok happy with that, I was fairly sure the company that hire the kit out were just on a bit of a money making scam tarting the kit up with all these extra bits.

Thanks Queensman.


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Lance Corporal Alien spoke to my SSM. He spoke to the RSM (legend, FACT), who used to share the back of Zero Bravo with me on radio stag.

RSM personally sorted PTU through the band (remember regimental bands?) and liaised with QOH to borrow an appropriate pair of cavalry sabres, SSM lent me George boots, a troop leader lent me white gloves. Zero Alpha has for the last thirty years moaned that I upstaged her on her wedding day.

Sorted. Job was a good 'n.
Wear a standard no 1 dress with appropriate headress. Your rack of medals will be all the bling you need. Get the No1 Dress properly tailored and you will look smart. Fail to do so and you will look like a sack of shit. Do not start all of that "one rank up" nonsense either. Wear the correct uniform, rank, etc correctly and with pride.

Better yet, DONT DO IT!!!!!!!! Run for the hills and keep your pension safe.
If your intended has her heart set on a sword guard, ask your subby and he will prob' drag a few mates over on the day (provided they get first dibs on the booze and the bridesmaids)!

Good luck mate!
Yeah I know the one rank up thing is nonsense. i am currently the best rank in the army anyway so no dramas there.
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