Discussion in 'REME' started by ArtVeh88, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. With the complete failure of the Corps effort to provide Military Training Instructors from within the technical CEGs, a new film is due to premiere near Pirbright and it is called:

    You got it!!!!


    More T****w pish down the drain.
  2. Theres a bit of wheel re-inventing going on around here at the minute and its getting more than slightly annoying/confusing/stupid.

    Why do we feel the need to keep adjusting how we do business, its counter productive in the long run and does knack all for morale/retention, especially for the folk directly affected by all this infantile "I've had an idea" carp...........
  3. Bring back RS, Electricians and Gun fitters

  4. And REME Clerks!
  5. Does that mean the flood gates open for "fit chicks" to join the merry band?

    Or will we get more saggy arrsed tuppence lickers?

  6. Yeh they have been gone for so long I nearly forgot about them, bring the Clerks back as well.

  7. We could always double hat Tec Stmn
  8. What about Drivers and Soldier REME ???????? OK I'll get my coat
  9. Ah, yes, the good old REME driver - how do we manage without them?

    Definately think we should keep sparkies and get the REME Clerk back - but employ them properly this time.
  10. What the F~~~ is going on with this Corps? The RS (Whilst mostly stupid), did add a great deal and kept the tradespeople focussed on fixing stuff. BRING THEM BACK NOW!!!!
  11. I don't understand the problem!

    Surely the prospect that a tradesman can take two years out of trade to wipe peoples Ar**s for them is a really attractive offer!

  12. I am actually considering taking a post if there are any going when I'm due posting, Wed afternoons off, Friday afternoons off, good social mess (SEME), oh yes and farg all tours. I'm sure that after 3 years at the coalface it would suit me down to the ground, and yes wedge I agree the RS did a good job on the whole. :wink:
  13. Having attended a REME MCM Div roadshow last week and been fed the usual stuff "Going MTI is career enhancing, everyone should try it bla blah bla blah..."

    At the Q&A at the end someone stood up and asked "Do you have any evidence that a tour as an MTI is a promotion-enhancing move?" The bluster that followed from MCM Div did a pretty good job of convincing everyone in the room to keep working at trade.
  14. I was there as well MB but I'm still thinking of it
  15. The Roadshow is at Arborfield 3 Feb, I'll see if they have an answer by then.