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Discussion in 'REME' started by Rock_Star_John, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. Do we have a Corp bike club? If so where and how do you join? If not, post to organise ride outs in your local area.

  2. I know there is a motor cross, which works out of SEME, if your up north then i can give you a few routes for good ride outs.
  3. The man in the corner, cheers. Thats what we need, there are loads of people that ride bikes in the REME. We need more posts!
  4. Have a look at the British Legion MC club

    I know from my time up north that there are a few active riders in the catterick area (40 Reg I think)
    And my time in the south that there are rideouts from SEME to Alton bike meet and surrounding areas.

    Hope this helps.

    PS: best biking roads are in the North east and yorkshire, try the Hartside pass :)
  5. Im only in a small fitter section of 8 and 4 of us ride were near Catterick, so if any wants a ride out PM and ill see what i can do.
  6. I dont mean to sound pedantic, but its an enduro club which runs out of SEME. The corps does not recognise motocross as a sport and as such I've been fobbed off by one or two WO's in the 'clique'.

    So I do MX off my own back with no support of and kind from the regiment or the corps.
  7. Ferret I think you will find there is no backing for Moto Cross within the Army as it is purely racing and not deemed to have training value, (as per the rules of armed forces motorcycling association.... I also funded my own mx riding for many years) however there are some great times to be had off roading in army events, search for the BAFMA website for more info.
  8. Could someone tell me why the army should finance MX, or for my money (and that's what it is,) any other sport. Surely there are enough sports already in the army . I always found it objectionable that Jim Fox ,for example, was financed and allowed so much time of to participate in Olympic sports that the only way they could find a slot for him was to give him a commision.
  9. Yeah I kind of had a feeling mx is viewed in that way.

    So, can somebody now justify the existance of the REME golf society???????

    (I'm not bitter or owt, I've been riding for years and TBH its nice doing something which the army has no input over).
  10. Im in Cyprus and we have a club out here in Dhekelia. Its called DMCC and we organize ride outs every week. We have a clubhouse in the main garrison near 62 Eng compound by the NAAFI bulk issue store, we meet on a thursday night about 19.30 and are open to all sorts of bikers and anyone interested in becoming a biker. We are not all in the REME but a lot of us are. We do off road and road rideouts. Ride it like ya stole it! :twisted:
  11. being one of the 4 in the section that ride, yep lets get out there and ride.
    oh and the REME motorcross type thing link...
  12. Craftsmanx,

    Have you ever read the opening pages of "Games and Sports in the Army"? which was written sometime back in the early 20th century (and updated since....). :lol:

    I will look for a copy but, in essence, the words "teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, fitness, risk-taking etc" are all stitched into one page to form an introduction that is as true now as it was then.

    Miltary sports are split into two camps;

    1. Those like football and rugby which are the sports supported by the Services. Pitches, travel and time are all provided for such sports. If someone is good enough, they may be offered time off to compete at a higher level. People like Jim Fox have done so and done very well, and have kept the Army in the public eye.

    2. A small number of sports have "adventurous training" status; skiing, diving, sailing. These are run from centres of excellence dotted around the world.

    Other activities such as motorcycling and golf are supported by some units and Corps. The SEME Club springs to mind.

    I appreciate your position but I think we need more sports and activities in the Army, not less. And if that means that we have a few sportsmen and women competing at high level - so be it. Who was the military girl who competed in the luge in the Olympics? She got a huge amount of publicity for the Services. And although I cannot remember her name, I do remember Sgt Jim Fox and his prime period must have been in the late 70s to early 80s - 25 years ago!

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  13. Hello, there Pingu i see youhave found me, have a good week mate.