REME MOT stations?

Discussion in 'REME' started by bjsr2, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. Are there any MoD workshops that are open to the public, becuase they do MOTs? I've heard something like if somewhere dose MOTs then it has to be open to the public as an MOT station and garage, I know the public can use British Telecom Fleet places and others, just wondered if that applied to the MoD?

    I know a lot od MoD vehicles are exempt, but IIRC some have to be tested.
  2. Im probably wrong here but as far as Im aware we MEI/MSI green fleet vehicles only and all white fleet vehicles are 8800 contract repair out to civvy companies for MOT.
    Long gone the old REME BFG of squaddie cars in Germany with the yellow handbags helping check the suspension for an easier pass :wink:

  3. You say such times actually existeed? :oops: :roll: That must have been way back in the late 70s early 80s. 8) :D
  4. it still happened in the early to mid 90's also, joy..........
  5. Are you having a laugh? Even if we did do MOTs do you think we could just throw open the gates for every tom, dick or civvie! FFS

  6. Easy, when you get it up on the ramp you just take off the box with the clock and LED on it during the Exhaust inspection....
  7. 1988 to 1992 was extremely fruitful for the p*ss up fund in Osnabruck for my LAD, especially when the suspension was a bit lower on the cars. :D
  8. Not 4 RTR by any chance were we?
  9. No medics in Roberts (where the BFG's were conducted for our unit)followed by 12 Armd but the civvies ran inspections.
  10. The MEI carried out by us is your MOT, however it is a much more involved inspection than an MOT, which is to the bare minimum standard. If you fail to pass an MOT it is prohibition time (don't reach for the bottle). The MEI is subject to Service requirements such as service and modification history, even the vehicle jack, so if we opened the gates to Joe Public there would be an awful lot of vehicles put off the road (sorry, Non Taskworthy). Not a bad idea, expand the Corps and reduce global warming...there could be a medal in this... ...or even a GEMS T-shirt !!
  11. It would be ok if the corps actually gave you the MOT inspectors ticket after your VM1.