REME metalsmith or RE fabricator

okay so in the current climate metalsmith jobs are very few and far between as i have been told by several people and my recruter , but for some reason RE fabricators are taking on people left right and centre , so what in your opinion is a better job , and why are they taking on fabricators and not metalsmith.
It would be great to see where you got this wonderful information from which is totally crap seeing that the current RAP from April 2011 to March 2012 has

Metalsmith 21 places Bassingbourn plus 2 places female at Pirbright

Fabricators 13 places Bassingbourn and 2 places female at Pirbright

I wasnt brilliant at maths but I can't see how Fabricators are taking people on left right and centre????????

Nothing is being loaded for REME or RE at present.
maybe its just my recruter trying to puch me towards engineers then , so its worth just staying as metalsmith and waiting for the intake ,, do you have any idea when the intake is ?
Personally I think that REME metalsmiths are going to be a thing of the past in a few years just like they've done with VEs and VMs will end up trying to take on the role so if you only want to get the qualification and then be forced to re trade go for Metalsmith (this is the opinion of a number of my fellow REME)
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