I was just wondering if anyone could advise me on this as i have these two options to choose from but cant decide which one i should go for.
Whats the average day of a metalsmith in the reme?
What do you find yourself doing on operation?
is there a good amount of traveling involved?
and finaly are the qualifications good for when u finaly have to leave back into civvie street?

The raf side of it you also learn machining and get qualifications in welding fabrication and machining so it has good qualifications but the army seems to apeal mroe so any help would be appreciated.
I would firstly decide whether you want to join the Army of the RAF, then start looking at the Corps/Regts & trades within once you have decided. If you join the REME thinking you may have joined the RAF, you will end up trying to transfer as soon as you find yourself in a tent when our RAF cousins are lording it up in some hotel somewhere. Personally, I joined the Army because I didn't like itchy blue trousers.
P.S. since you asked, the 'average' day for a metalsmith is spent making BBQs out of old oil drums & welding the exhaust on the ASM's car.
I did a bit more than make barbies and weld exhausts techie, metalsmiths are tasked with many tasks during a day - no day is 'average'. One day could be spent modifying armoured vehicle components, the next could be spent making a special tool for a 'one-off' job for the VMs or Techs. You could also have the odd torsion bar to remove.
You wil use all your taught skills - sheet metalswork, welding, fabrication/blacksmithing and bench fitting. You could also receive training on machining - lathe and milling work.
Outside trade, you will also perform the functions of a basic soldier - mobilre patrols, foot patrols etc.
One thing is for sure, no 2 days will be the same.
If you join REME as a metalsmith then you will be doing the only job that requires a real tradesmans SKILLS. These SKILLS will always be sought after both in the Army and in later civillian life. The job is not an easy one as you tend to get spaffed with whatever the OC QM RSM ASM or anybody else wants you to come up with but the satisfaction is in knowing you have produced a good job that nobody however senior to you is capable of. Join the Army and set about learning those SKILLS. 8) 8) 8)
techie said:
How many BBQs have you made since moving to Oz then? ;)
Believe it or not, none! The Aussie Army is happy to pay real money for real barbies, unllike the tight-wad Pommies :)

Also, the Aussies are so **** that each barbie manufactured would be subject to an annual Tech Insp :roll:
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