Reme mess dress

Guys my hubby is selling his mess dress its the full atire only worn twice. Selling due to retraining. He is 6foot 34"waist and size it practically brand new would really like £350 + postage but open to sensible offers. Thanks nikki
£350! Blimey, 2nd hand and that much!

Corps Kit agency has dozens for a snip of that, still, if someone wants to pay for it more power to you
I will jump in on the band wagon and put mine up for sale as well....however mines well used but excellent condition and no swamp stains can be seen or smelt, its around a 36 inch waist but as seen between 34 - 40 inch waist slide inside it over the last decade depending on what postings I've been at. I'm 5 foot 10, blue eyes (trying to tempt a tech) anyone looking for a mess dress for approx 5foot 10, 36 inch waist (to fit larger than life A Mech ) looking for around £150 plus will throw in a set of George boots size 10........ready to be released late November and as long as there's no bar rugby on my dine out it is in excellent condition.
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