REME Mess Dress for sale

Discussion in 'REME' started by Maj_Boothroyd, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. Er, that's it from Maj_B; I will soon be Maj(ret'd)_B. Consequently my Mess kit is for sale. I bough it as a senior Cpl, just after I came off the board.

    Follow the link below to ebay if you want to buy it.

    Mess kit on ebay

    Might I suggest that anyone else with mess kit for sale also use this thread.
  2. Just given mine to a Cambridge chappie doing his Doctorate,,,,,,,,,,

    Still hopefully keep him out of the clutches of the KGB or FSB or whatever they call themselves this week,,,,
  3. Col G-H,

    Is yours the Mess kit with the secret Thalium pocket?
  4. Certainly is old chap; loses weight quickly especially for the calorifically challenged members of the mess.

    Trouble is, you never know at Cambridge what with Philby, Blunt, McClean and all them, I dont suppose it ended there,,,,,,
  5. Feck me Maj_B - that kit has got some form. Belongs in a museum, not on someone's back. I suspect it may have been worn at Pontius Pilate's Dining Out from the 'Legion'!
  6. Dear old Pontius,,,

    he was just a mere aircrewman (that is showing my age!) when we first took wine,,,, then the went onto his pilates (sic) course from there,,,,,

    dont remember him owning Mess Kit mind, bit too big around the waist, never did a BFT but then again somethings dont change either!!!
  7. You should try selling it on, I am currently @ SEME and there are allot of Reme on this site.
  8. I also have a SNCO set of mess dress that my Ex-boss left in my care to sell. Anybody interested drop me a PM. The size at the moment is quite rotund as he was an old school Artisan Armourer....
  9. Good luck in your new life Maj(retd) Boothroyd, keep in touch eh!
  10. I have one for sale, will fit a 6 ft 2 inch drunkard. 42-44 chest, 34 waist.

    Any reasonable offer.
  11. Chuffin' heck, getting rid of the drinking tracksuit; civdiv must be looming large and looking very real now mate...