REME Medals on Ebay. Donated to Regimental Museum.

I found this interesting set of WWII medals on ebay and was able to keep them out of the mitts of a collector (just)!

It's quite an interesting collection as the medals not only came with their original issue box but with the Soldiers record of Service, in very good condition. The medals look like they have rarely seen daylight and are in excellent condition.

I contacted the REME museum in Arborfield and they were happy to take them off my hands. I believe the Address on the box, 93 Ruskin Drive, Orpington, Kent, may still exist (according to Streetmap anyway). Although the guy, Lionel Davies, was born in 1905 and has probably passed on by now.

do any ARSSERS know of how I could find further information about the guy?

I have his Regimental Number and would be interested to find out what became of him? or at least let any surviving relatives know his medals and service book are now in safe hands.


You could try his military record from the records office, but it'll cost you and may not show anything useful. If you can find a marriage certificate then you would find his wife and make it possible to find children through the birth certificates, but with a surname like Davies it's not going to be easy.

You could try the Corps associations, try the local one, they may have a record of him, or someone who knew him may still be alive.

All i can think of atm.

Firstly Clansman1 may i congratulate you on a good save.

As for obtaining the service records you I think this is the place to look

Veterans UK Website Or you may be able to get the info from the regimental museum as no doubt they'll do the research.

For those of you who may be interested the medals are as follows

From left to right

The Defence Medal 1939-1945
War Medal 1939-45
1939-1945 Star
France and Germany Star (For service in France and Germany from
June 6th 1944 to May 8th 1945)
Africa Star (For service in Africa form 1942-43)

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