REME MCM (In a VM Sgt Artisans world)

Is REME MCM a personnel department, who are approachable, with a view to IIP and retention? (I think NOT!!)

·      Pay 2000 was a major blow to retention within REME, why attend extended trade and military courses (most of which are worthless in civilian life), get paid the same as an Infantry person, BUT have reduced promotion prospects (unless tiffy). Additionally have inferior working conditions (extended hours as a result of inadequate Equipment Care).

·      This combined with the lack of information from REME MCM concerning postings, promotion and publication of results causes confusion and career indecision and personnel signing off.

·      Unless you are an Officer, it is discouraged to contact REME MCM, as a result desk personnel often have to act on third hand information, or a preference of posting request which invariably is invalid, due to limited posts becoming vacant. If you request a list of posts available, invariably you will be told to submit a preference of posting by the unapproachable desk officer Major (Rtd. RAMC)

·      Promotion to Artisan VM SSGT (beside waiting for someone to die!) what do you have to do to gain promotion? After 19 years, 6 yrs sub Sgt, FE, glowing CR s, been deployed all over the world and running my own 8 person fitter section, I have been informed I am qualified. So why am I not promoted? Is the answer I m not sucking unto the OC, or a YES man? (How do they select personnel, a lucky dip bag?) Then to add insult to injury it is impossible to ascertain your position on the promotion board, AND they only issue the first 6 months results. So how can you plan your life when REME MCM are aware of who will be promoted and posted within the next 12 months, withhold the information at the stage when you are starting to plan a major career change which have severe implications on family life (especially children in education).

In my opinion REME MCM requires new blood in the form of NON-MILITARY management, to bring them from the 19th into the 21st century, and remove the old boy network! This would provide much needed NEW ideas and hopefully improve the passage of information, enabling individuals to monitor their own careers make an educated career plan, and ultimately improve retention through awareness.

Nick (A very disillusioned, unsatisfied VM Sgt)

Firstly, it is very naughty to use peoples names on this site - even if you don't like them!
I can see your point to a degree, however, MCM don't withhold promotions, they only release those promotions where posts will definately be free, if the person in post is due to retire, for instance.  This is done to prevent someone being in the unenviable position of thinking he/she will be promoted, then finding the post will not be free for 1-2 years.  Which is worse - not knowing and getting promoted or knowing and sitting around for 18 months not knowing when it will come?
I'll finish by saying that I have not always agreed with records, but lord help us if civvies are left in charge - have you been to Bordon lately?
BTW - I'm weapons so I have an even nicer desk officer!!!
I agree with most of what NickP says, as would anyone who has had dealings with the person mentioned!
I would say that it is a bit difficult to understand how an RO can be offered a job that is crucial in the career management of a particular trade discipline without having an in depth knowledge of that trade!
I also believe that regular officers should replace the RO's, not civvies.
I think where you all may be missing the point on promotions is....What corps sports do you play ... if not.. why not!
This is a critical promotion and career catagory that is overlooked by many an aspiring artisan or pot tiffy.
I know, I was that soldier. :)
Manning and Career Management?????? Oxymoron I think. Whether you are Artisan or Tiffy Vehicles the treatment by MCM is the same - diabolical. Are we not grown men/women with families etc. Other desks do not treat their tradesmen with such disdain - outrageous!!!!!!!! I could randomly dial a telephone number now and have a more meaningful dialogue with an old woman in Papua New Guinea regarding my career!! Change management my ARRSE.
#6 wanna try the Signals, they make unprofessional career management a fine art.
Don't worry mate they aren't singling out the Veh trades, it's like a big sh*t pie and everyone gets a piece. I find flowers and a nice vintage porter to whichever fragrant floower of the Clyde is your Desk Clerk has no effect whatsoever, but at least gives you the illusion that you have some influence over the proceedings.. Alternatively, eat the flowers and neck the porter for a more beneficial effect.
I have to defend our MCM div...... They do get a lot of stick, partially because the officer at the other end of the phone (not the Glasgow one) doesn't have a lot of moral courage to relay the exact details of the conversation.

Also, there are promotion boards that sit. These are made up of a cross section of the corps, the MCM Div rep is the secretary and records the results. It is possible to observe these boards in action, if you have a few days spare.

It is easy to blame the ex RAMC one, as he does have his bad days. However, I have had nothing but good results in dealing with him, and found him to be incredibly helpful when sorting out postings etc for my lads.

The other fact is that there are not that many Artisan VM SSgt slots, and there is competition for those slots. I have every sympathy for NickP, however, it is just possible that the field for his particular board was very strong.

Just be glad you're not in the RAF, where 22 Sgts are the norm, or the RLC, where they career manage by post it note!
I have a great deal of sympathy for Nick when it comes to our favourite RAMC Retd friend. His air of superiority and unapproachability makes him an easy target for our own shortcomings, and maybe we should take a look at ourselves and the realistic possibilities for promotion that we feel we deserve.
I have nothing to gain/lose as I am now on the Long Service List in Recruiting having finished my time as an Artisan SSgt VM (after 17 YRS) and now promoted to WO2 (still classed as Artisan?).
I passed my Tiffy Board, as it was then, only for Options for Change to raise its ugly head and move the goalposts. I was then told that I had insufficient residual service left to complete the projected career path to ASM so would no longer be considered for Artificer selection. Shame they decided a year later that they had so few VMs in the system that they had to offer these posts to metalsmiths/armourers when they had fully qualified VMs ready to go but seemingly too long in the tooth.
So Nick, while as I said, I can sympathise with you, you are not the first, but maybe you should be the last to be disregarded in this manner. It hurts at the time and you should keep your professional standards and not get bitter about it. Be the best you can - you are in the pension trap after all - and see your time out to the best of your ability.
Sorry Nick. I have just re-read my last and seemed to have wandered off the point.
To back-up your moan about MCM Nuke-em.
I was at an Arty Regt in N. Yorks, just got AS90 and was told all VM Sgts who attended eqpt course would be offered 3 yr extension to carry out in-house training at Wksp. I got 1 yr as I was told by our friend that I would be "in the frame " for promotion to Artisan SSgt during that time. I was subsequently posted to Warminster within the year even though I had my own house in the area, my daughter was setteled at school, wife at work in AAC Regt locally and I wasn't promoted. Ta very much!!!!! Following 1 year of weekend commuting between Warminster and Topcliffe, I managed to get a Recruiting posting and never looked back - no thanks to our favourite vet / doctor / nurse / medic!! Got promoted to SSgt in Recruiting post and finished my time back at Topcliffe because the man mucked up and offered me a post in the N. east that didn't exist. Thanks for your intervention, Stoke supporter on the sofa.
PS nick,

He is a civil servant - not military. Was last in uniform in 1980. (sorry, 1880).
Since coming over to the dark side I have had a lot of contact with Glasgow, in particular the man in question on this thread; most of the problems that are talked about on this site regarding him are because OCs dont have the balls to tell the truth to their soldiers. In general he gives sound advice, and above all else the truth (not alway what people want to hear). He manages a massive amount of soldiers and strangely enough not everyone in the Corps can get a posting within sight of their house/kids school/mums house/dogs vets/fav Tesco etc - we should all read the MS' binding principle from time to time, its what MCM Div work to. We (all of us) are posted to suit the needs of the service, families are taken in to account, however it is the needs of the service that the final decision is taken on, and at times that wont match what we want.

Ive seen at first hand (4 visits to Glasgow in my first year on the dark side including a promotion board) that the desk staff will, in general, try their hardest to get want we all want; half the time they are working with one hand behind their backs - UNICOM personal details not up to date (kids, wives, divorce etc etc) or PPPs not kept up to date/not matching whats on the annual CR (we all sign them so try and actually read whats on it). There are times when we all need to put our hands on our hearts and ask if we have done everything possible to manage our own careers before slinging mud at Glasgow; remember there are lots of people out there (who dont post on here) who have had a long (24 years and counting) and happy career thanks to the guys at Glasgow. If you think you work long hours for sh*te money try a few weeks in the APC!!!!
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