Discussion in 'REME' started by ArtVeh88, Aug 7, 2005.

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  1. The Mail on Sunday today reported (page 38) that the REME Major accused of gay rape has been cleared, as the alleged victim refused to co-operate with investigators. This Officer is in the same garrison as me and he has really taken some shit over this. The paper seem to be trying to blame the MOD for their original article, which I suppose is normal for gutter press. Hope the guy can get on with his life now.
  2. Why would The Mail blame the MOD unless it had been officially leaked from the MOD?

    MOD don't write articles, they only leak information that they are told to leak and the papers only write what they are given (gone are the days when journos research their own stories). Let me give you the big tip, journos do not write their own stuff anymore and most journos are barely literate; they rely on free lance muck rackers and faxes from the MOD etc

    If you are looking for someone to take your anger out on, try the 'Majors' chain of command and work up, they will get weaker as you go.

    Hope he fecken' sues the MOD, but he won't.
  3. As a matter of interest, any ideas as to why the alledged victim refused to co-operate with investigators?
  4. Any chance of a link so i can get the gossip ArtVeh?
    I dont read that paper mate!
    (The sudoku is too easy for me)
  5. No link sorry as it was on page 38 not page 3.
  6. This whole issue was finished months ago, and while I realise that it re-appeared in the papers I think that it is about time that this thread was curtailed. The guy can do without all this. Honest.
  7. Close to home CO?

  8. Hook line and sinker - brilliant! Always get an idiot to bite eh! You would make a brilliant detective (NOT!!!)
  9. Doh!


    Hey, less of the idiot.......dummy!
  10. imagine the next headline:-"Cleared Major Reemed"
    it's not inconceivable is it?
  11. Hootch, you said earlier that you thought that he would not take the MOD to court!!! Newest rumour around here (and it is only rumour) is that he has a massive case against the MOD and is pursuing this angle. Wait out!!!
  12. I think we should all be very careful talking about this officer. Due process has cleared him of any charges and he is therefore free and on the streets. So watch your backs!!
  13. Well, he's not going to earn a living on tips alone
  14. Steady on old chap........ think he deserves his day in court after our friendly papers decided to increase their circulation at his expense.
  15. No smoke without fire!
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