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Discussion in 'REME' started by sasman, May 26, 2012.

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  1. I am 17 years old looking to join the army as either an avionics technician or an electronics technician both which are in the reme regiment. I would like to get some peoples feed back on my choices. Also would i be able to train as a parachute soldier but still have my reme job.
  2. I can't tell you what REME life would be like, try talking to a Careers Adviser at your local AFCO. You can do P Company and get your Wings, but you wont be a Para.
  3. Maybe Disco can throw this into the REME forumn wheres theres lots of info on stickies regarding the geeky sorry i meant tech trades in the REME. To answer your question about doing P Coy yes all tradesmen can look at doing beat up then if good enough doing P Coy, Commando course or going PTI. Your best bet is to look at putting in a preference of posting to go to 8CS in Colchester or 7 Bn REME in Wattisham as you will then meet lots of badged up REME lads who can see what potential you have. Having served amongst these weird breed (gods as THEY put it) and having lots of young Craftman in the past in my fitter section we always try and get them to concentrate for at least the first year out of trade training before they are able to start looking at doing P Coy etc so they dont get career trade fouled (ie learn trade first).

    This has been done before so take a peek in the REME forumn..........aim for an A grade at ADSC as unless you do your very unlikely to get allocated a place in training as its extremely competitive on the awaiting allocation lists for REME trades.
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  4. Your user name suggests that you are in the TA (Saturday and Sunday Soldier) so you should know that REME is not a regiment it is a corps.
  5. Hi, the advice The IRON gave is exactly right.

    I joined REME at 17 and a half, did my trade training then after 3 years did the AACC (Commando course) and served with 3 Cdo Brigade.

    Focus on getting a trade then see what is open to you, chances are you will change your mind in a years time. The other choice you have is to go Para Regt or Royal Marine, but you won't get a trade.

    Good luck.
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  6. 3rd man on the balcony was carrying a toolbox, so it has been told.but not sure if it's true?
    do know he got charged for loosing a 10mm spanner by his ASM when it was all over, he ran out of bullets in the fourth room and ended up beating the last guy over the head with it. Got charged for not having clean tools, tough life in the corps.
  7. Not strictly true. He could join the RM and get a trade.
  8. certainly could, had a bootie VM on my tiffy course.
  9. I saw the title of this and thought "REME life, now theres an oxymoron if ever I've seen one".
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  10. You are right, the Booties do have VMs, what I intended to say was the Booties don't have avionics technician or an electronics technician trades as far as I recall.

    I did serve with some Bootie VMs and they were quite good with the spanners, especially when it came to "can someone lean on this...."
  11. Never heard of RM Av Techs but there would always be a couple on Tels Class 1 courses doing their Clansman HF bit. Don't know if they bother anymore in the Bowman-era since the courses aren't worth a damn.
  12. cheers got the answers i wanted
  13. Cable Ties is right. No RM Av or Air tradesmen, I think FAA do all of that but they still do have Electronics technicians
  14. And I believe they have Armourers too, at least they did when I was put through Bordon on an optronics course.
  15. No fanny in the booties so unless yer fancy it up the rixter?