REME Lads jailed for blinding Royal marine

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by kingsofleon, Jun 28, 2012.

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  1. I'd not heard of these two. Have they been on remand?

    How do you know they're REME? I'm assuming you were a Supplier at Cdo Log at the time, before moving to Abingdon.
  2. It says that they're RLC in the article. To be fair, the RLC wouldn't have the ability to fight to RM CDOs.
  3. *****. Message ends.
  4. You say, that the RLC wouldn't be able to take on a Marine? I am assuming that these RLC bods were Logistic Comandoes, who undertake the same RM training as Booties. Moreover, a heck of a lot of them have already done P company as well.
  5. Pair of rats. Once someone goes down you draw a line under it and walk off. I can think of very few justified reasons to carry on booting someone who's thrown the towel in.

    Here's hoping they meet some like minded individuals in prison.
  6. Fit and hard are two different things, there is nothing hard about shoeing someone on the floor either.
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  7. Unfortunately prison is ******* soft.
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  8. Scum sucking amoeba brained fuckwits.

    I don't give a flying hoop who or what they served with. They deserve everything they get + 12 wherever they end up.
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  9. Not the brightest are you.
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  10. Unfortunately some lads (issuer's and receivers) don't learn about the perils of booze until something like this happens.
  11. How pointless your post is, even more so with its inaccuracies.

    No they don't. And it's few and far between that someone has done P Coy and AA Commando.

    Hardly surprised though, no real requirement for a trog to have knowledge of such accomplishments.
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  12. If they were REME then that's just adding insult to injury. The fact is that soldiers have been repeatedly told over the last few years that an admin discharge is easier than ever. If you don't toe the line, you're out. Now these two are facing jail, fcuked up their careers and face a bleak future. Idiots. Hopefully this episode is shown to the lads on the shopfloor, along with a chat about consequences.

    Hope the Royals have recovered as well as possible.
  13. You utter cockrod. Passing an arduous course doesn't actually make you more "ferocious" than when you hadn't passed it. You're believing the hype a bit too much. And anyway, there's no point having aggression without control.

    It doesn't matter what colour beret these fellas were wearing and what they had sewed on their kit. This was just plain thuggery. They're in jail and rightly so. Scumbags.

    Your comment lines up with some of the mong comments on the Daily Mail page.
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  14. Whilst I doubt that the incident was entirely unprovoked, battering the two Marines when they were down was an example of gross brutality and I think that the sentences reflect that; the CoC need to reinforce the message that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated by either the Army or by the courts. Quite frankly, these two clowns were lucky (if that is the right word) not to be facing murder charges.
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