REME into RE?

I find myself needing a change, feeling stuck in the proverbial rut so as to speak. Having worked with RE before,and found that not only do they have the best toys, but the guys were great too, I would like to make the jump.In my local area are two RE units, a Plant Squadron and a Field Squadron.
My query is:
1/ As a class one VM B would my skills transfer accross?
2/Having had limited experience of what these formations roles and tasks are which would be the better choice.
Promotion, career etc are not the main criteria, more the chance to learn new stuff, do a different role,fresh challenges etc.
I will be visiting both units in the near future to see first hand what they do, however any knowledge I can go prearmed with would be helpfull.
Many thanks in advance


Make sure you have discussed this with your chain of command before you visit, they should be sympathetic.

Valid point MSR, taken on board.
No TA Sappers on here who can offer an insight into the role of a Field Squadron? I believe that RE fitter and REME VM trades are closly allied.
Veiws, comments abuse etc welcome.


Try giving it a bit longer than 3 hours....

Patience never was my strong point


Once you have your boot in the door, as MSR stated with your current chain of command's blessing, there are qualification transfer forms about, mainly for civvi artisan tradesmen wanting to join. Not too sure if VM B would transfer as a Fitter RE completely, but would go quite far to gaining the qual, with only vehicle specific OTJ trg to do. I'm not in the office until Wednesday so if you can hang on until then I'll have a better dig into the difference.
Alternatively stay as a Zed head and join your local RE Regt's workshop. The rebadge when you do your own digging.

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