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Discussion in 'REME' started by TheProdigy, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. i am doing a presentation on REME equipment support and the changes it has gone through since 1993. I have just been told by the powers that be that i was heading in the wrong direction with my research so am having a meltdown now and need info within next 24 hours. can anyone explain changes reme ES has gone through since 1993, regarding 1st and 2nd line. vehicles used etc etc. land systems as well as aviaition. thanks
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Good Grief! It would take longer than 24hours just to tell you. I will leave it to someone more up-to-date to summarise - if anyone can, that is.
  3. Spanner>ratchet spanner>dark matter spanner>avo.hit it with a hammer?
  4. 1993 was when we went from Armoured Workshops to
    12 Armed to 1Bn Osnabruck
    7 Armed to 2Bn Fally etc

    Realistically as far as I could tell in my Grolch and Weisen state the sections seemed to all stay about the same but just changed the name for example FRG as it was known changed to production Platoon....etc. Chally 1 was starting to be replaced by Chally 2.....CVRT petrol engines were being upgraded to Diesel engines.........MJ's and any remaining MKs were starting to change to DAF 4t and any remaining series 111 or 90/100s started to change to WOLF around 1995.

    A new thing was introduced called H&S and we painted everything red/green/and loved doing time sheets as the new Battalions had lots of extra Tiffy/WO posts. The redundancies what had happened around that period meant suddenly the expertise of Full screws who all left with 40K + redundancy packages so there was a big gap.........remember this wasnt long after Gulf1(few years) Oh how some loved option for change.

    As Old Snowy says far too much to give so if you have anything more specific then hollow

    Forgot to add we lost the FRG hut in BATUS around 94 and the Gopher some one painted REME colours dissappeared.
  5. Very helpful actually as it is this kind of info that seems to be hard to find, has the absence of certain vehicles in iraq, afghanistan etc meant a change in job for tradesman compared with the post cold war stuff in 90s ? sorry to sound so serious
  6. I joined in 1994, ES went drastically down hill from then on.
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  7. No we adapt and doesn't matter what kit is in front of you the principles are the engines an engine...gearbox is a gearbox........just wrapped in different packages. In doesn't matter what the media says kit is getting are vehicles except crap like Renault Boughtons and others that some have been bought by high rankers getting back handers...alledgedly. When you get away from the constant paperwork crap of time sheets and the constant crap that you get in Battalions the lads do the work on the ground...only thing id say is the full screw backbone of the REME was shattered in Options for Change and the experience was hard to catch up with....thats why now a days we have to train Class 3s up more from trade training...some very inexperienced and learning on the job in Afghan.

    The jobs always the same in my last 23 years anyway.
  8. biggest thing has been that REME Bn's have been called to account, bit too late for my liking but hey! on Bde / Div level exercises they are out there conducting rehabs and providing IST's (intimate support teams) to battle groups etc.... Its all been about concentration of effort...mission specific ES and all that pish! The good old days of folowing your Sqn /Coy around in your 434 or Fitter truck full of egg banjos and yellow handbags are over. VM with a toolbox and some black nasty probably driving or commanding too! Yes the Iron is spot on, we do improvise adapt and overcome... and we need to keep doing that or we will lose our name! We have also tried to recognise our trade training more so in recent years and gaining more civilian recognised qualifications. We have got smaller and have less resources since 1993, but our commitment has if anything increased!

    All the best pal! Hope thats of some help, if you want to be a good tiffy in the future, then master the cut and paste,

    Arte Et Marte
  9. As long as you dont paste the bit about the spray painting of the REME gopher you should be on with how crap ISTs are in the last decade.....Ist line units is where the experience was...knew the kit...knew the Squadrons, Companys and mixed well...most of the time part of the Regt/Bn........its going more into ISTs being called out get hammered doing all the crap jobs and not getting to know the kit.....No wonder I stayed an Artisan.
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    "Never apologise unless you have pissed in your Uncles ear following a fight at a funeral". My old Gran said that. I never knew what the mad old bat was on about.

    One hates to intrude, but I have come across REME in a tangential fashion. They are well sound on engines, metal, hammers, crowbars, lifting stuff, dropping stuff and are generally speaking, are canny lads on the piss. Many of them are not Gimli out of Lord of the Rings and I once met one who was an expert on 19th century greyhound racing.

    That said, one should hate to rock up and say "I have not done the work for my student dissertation, can you do it for me?"

    It is the hammers. They give one pause for thought, you know? Hope this helps.
  11. Don't forget to mention "lean", it was all we heard about a couple of years ago.........
  12. As in it hit a brick wall and went no further? :)
  13. I was constantly saying the point that taking the guys away from first line units and sending in IST's is a shit idea, of course nobody listens. :)
  14. I was in Poland about that time when IIRC 2 Bn were the first to "refurb" a Battle-group in this "new" "leaner" manner and what a crock of shite it was.
    No opportunity to report faults going into it, just "Join that line, you are getting an oil-change whether you need it or not."
    No extra man-power for labour intensive tasks like track-bashing because the Bn tradesmen are not there (too good) for that.

    General view of the tank crews was "what the f**k was that for? The TI, gunkit etc still has this fault that you need to fix and we will now have about two hours less sleep because of time wasted going through that shite.

    The REME Bn would have supplied more to the mission and have been more cost-effective if they had supplied a track-bashing party (30 people tops, I reckon) and the rest manning cook-tents cooking and delivering Bratties and egg-banjos to those who could actually fix the vehicles.
    Instead they f**ck*d the crews around doing work that wasn´t needed, and introduced various new faults that were not there previously.

    The "successful" "innovatory" "trial" turned none of the non-battle-worthy tanks, in the regt I was attached to, into battle-worthy.

    Rant over and glad I´m now out of it. Where I work now the idiots and t*ts get sacked and not promoted.