REME @ Inf Battle School

Discussion in 'REME' started by stevie1967, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. What role would a REME VM posted to the Inf Battle School take up?
  2. Wah?

    They do have a fair few vehicles there, VM in the MT?
  3. Gen Question.

    Not due posting yet receive a posting to go here.

    If so what vehicles do they have?
  4. Have to say this sounds like one of the dumbest questions I have seen in a long time.

    REME V/M gets posted as REME V/M gets employed as REME V/M.

    What sort of vehicles does the infantry use? I have been out a long time but from what I have seen on TV how about you might come across:

    432 (the new one with a new name to pretend it is not a 432)
    trucks as currently used by the British Army.

    Ever considered picking up telephone and calling the LAD and asking?
  5. Well i know a fair few REME VM's posted to places as an instructor, so it could be an instructor slot? I dont know hence the question.

    The question wasnt what sort of vehicles the Infantry have, it was what vehicles do they have there? I was hoping for someone with experience of serving there or knowing someone who knows a little about it.

    Cheers for the informative post tho!
  6. Are you actually in the army?
  7. If this isnt a Wah then you sir are a tit, Have you trained to be an infantry instructor? are you a class 1 Infantry soldeir with instructor quals, as well as being a VM?

    What sort of question is this? what does your posting say?

    Posted to teach proper soldiers how to do their job even though you are only a VM?


    What next? a dental tech posted to the on camp dental center teaching escape and evasion techniques?
  8. I believe that all REME VMs that go to the schhol of Inf become bayonet drill dummies.

    Well in your case I hope so.

    You have possibly asked the most stupid question I've read in a while.
  9. Disregarding the 'wah' style of the question:

    There are only a couple of REME VMs at the Infantry Battle School the remained of the work is done by civvies. As for vehicles DAF, LR, usual civvie vehicles & quads. You would be working from the camp and very rarely have to go into the field.

    That said, for the PCD deployments to West Africa one of the VMs deployed with the Adv Party to check out the civvie safari vehicles ready for the main deployment.
  10. Battle School ? name for Brecon/Cattrick ?

    think i'm getting behind the times :)
  11. Check your posting order you donut..if it says posted at E1 then you will be at trade, E2 means you are going outside of trade. As has been mentioned, pick up the phone and ask them I really hope you are not an NCO or we are all doomed :lol:
  12. SV at Brecon, lots of them........
  13. ooh you are very bitter, there is no need for that.... can i educate u mr smudge?! :D
  14. You can't educate pork :D

    Seriously though........he logged on to ARRSE to ask a question like that?!?!
  15. Gentlemen (and ladies)

    Please answer seriously, like all multi choice questions, there are four answers:

    The obvious wrong one is as a VM

    the two almost right ones are as a gunfitter or armourer

    The correct one is as a Fig 11 target.