*** REME In the headlines YET AGAIN !:) *****

Discussion in 'REME' started by remerus, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. Sun Article

    In accordance with this site's privacy policy I will not name the offender, but be warned, the link to the Sun DOES !

    I am not responsible for the release of his details, the Sun is !
  2. Nice of them to name someone who has not been charged, only accused.

    Forces paper my arrse.
  3. The long winter evenings must just fly by for you REME lot, always headlining the news with some kind of hijinks! :roll:
  4. Talk about Innocent before proven Guilty, typical Scum paper.
  5. If he is guilty then more fool him, surely people aren't daft enough to not realise eBay and other sites are monitored?

    As an aside; the tax man is starting to look at theses sites to acertain if they are due a slice of the revenue if they feel someone has been trading.
  6. Well ive been following the thread regarding the stolen medals and bear skin for the last few weeks and who ever it is has left a great trail, including tatood arms that are really well traceable. The photo's they have from EBAY will be able to free him or lock the fcuking thieving CNUT up, whoever did it.

    Nicking things off blokes who are on tour and flogging them must be the lowest of the low.
  7. Old REME trick.
  8. Fcuck off bell end. Thieves are rife throughout, and if they exist in the Corps then they will get their just rewards from people in the Corps as per the norm. What a cr@p comment
  9. Now you're in denial. Classic reaction from a thief or a thief's associate.
  10. Lol biscuits, you got a bite there. Coming onto the REME forum and stating the above is a bit too obvious, even for me.

    Come on sparky, you have risen to it....delete your post quick.
  11. It's true. F*cking REME. Sticky fingered b*stards the lot of you.
  12. Its not stealing when you are the bod recieving the "shiney new army toy" that the REME bods have just "procured" for you, is it?!!!

    Praised when it was for others then damned when it was for our selves!
  13. What's the matter Biscuits ArseBandit? Was it a Crafty nicked your wife??
  14. No I won't fcucking delete my post. How many knobs are there on this site who post just for the fcucking sake of it? What did you bother putting that there for B_AB? Do you like to see the number of your posts going up and think that you are a valuable contributor? News Flash - You aren't, far from it. Its bell ends like you that fill these pages with drivel these days. You are boring and lets face it if you are boring on the internet you must be fcucking boring in real life.
    Im not trying to be an internet hard man, I just wish that Arrse was still as interesting as it was 5 years ago (I know I only joined in '05, but I surfed long before that). The 1000+ posters inside of 6 months have seen to that.
    Now, Im off to write RIP against every casualty thread so that I look like a top guy...........
  15. Fcuk me. Take a chill pill man.
    Oh yes thats another post to add to my total.
    Maybe you should take a look at what my 1000+ posts are, not one on the RIP threads either. Maybe I should though eh?
    Maybe I should have put the old :wink: in there when I posted.