Discussion in 'REME' started by Asuman, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. Yesterday afternoon, following DeeMee(A)s latest policy I "Crashed Out" my LAD into the field for a weekend Excercise to put our training to the test. I know there is a bit of discontent going on, but it is for the good of the Unit and the Corps.

    What are your thoughts on Excercises of this sort?

    Who should be left behind on Rear Party? Etc Etc

    Must go now as I am about to wake up everyone with a traditional Stand To. Im on my Lap Top so that you can give me any pointers or ideas out here in Long Valley.
  2. Re - My Last

    Still out here in Long Valley. We forgot to take the Sodexho cook with us so we all went down to Tesco at 0800 hrs. I am now planing to move all our vehicles, in convoy via Monty Lines Aldershot to Arborfield.

    Being fairly new at this game I would be grateful for any ideas of how to get from A to B, and what to do when we get there.
  3. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You are obviously a Tactically Inclined Technician
  4. Mock me if you must, but my tiffy training did not cover what I am trying to achieve. I wish I had a RS man with us!
  5. HELP !

    Set out on our convoy route with Cpl (L****theone)J**** leading......led all vehicles (23) through centre of Aldershot......complete gridlock.....Any advice on how to get out of this situation....URGENT.

    {edited by HdeT}
  6. Bet you wish you were having a beer watching the fitba eh?

    Half time Eng 1 up by the way.

    Must see if I can get myself from here to the fridge for another cold one.

    Have fun
  7. Chubby

    Thanks for showing concern of our plight on Aldershot High Street.....not many people about....luckily we were "nose to tail" outside Curreys and watched the goal from the pavement. We are on our way now to Keogh Barracks......Im told that an old REME hand in the shape of Tam the QM will greet us upon arrival.....Everybody is p......d off except me, apparently nobody told me England are playing today(thats my story anyway). We are all feeling the benifits of DeeMee(A)s lean policy.
  8. sorry far to busy marching up and down the square on my own. As the platoon are learning to play the piano or have good books they want to read :wink:
  9. Arrived at Keogh Barracks, and have gone tactical nets everywhere.....we are outside the QMs are welcome to come and visit us if you are in the area.....we will be here untill 1900hrs. No sign of Tam the QM.....are there any Medics out there who might know where he is.......we are getting hungry.
  10. I bet your lads fcking love you... did you pay for their food from Tesco's? Will you pay for their food later on this evening, if you can't get them fed? Fairplay to you for getting them out, but maybe a bit more planning in future, eh?

    Unless of course you a wah, by pretending to be a wildly disorganized senior???
  11. Persec you fcuking knob

    I am planning to move to Arborfield at 1905hrs but unbeknown my my LAD I am going to attempt a night move back to Aldershot at 2359hrs by convoy lights only!.......I cant remember on tiffy training, if we can do that on UK roads. Does anybody out there know?
  13. Bored on stag asuman?
  14. Well, I was gonna call him a knob, but I thought maybe I'd be a bit more constructive... but it's because of knobs like him that I left... infact, I think its safe to say he is a retention liability.
  15. Amazing Lobster

    I am trying to keep my cool. YES I did pay for all the breakfasts at Tescos but I was taken aback by the cost...£67.78.
    NO I wont be paying for their food tonight,I have arranged for the Van from Ash Ranges to visit us at 1800hrs. The lads will be pleased with me after such a long day. Anyway its not over yet. How am I doing so far?