REME in Malaysia....this morning

Flew in from offshore this morning and landed in a place called Kota Bharu, Malaysia, up north and close to Thai border. On the way to the hotel we passed a military camp, less
than 1km from the heliport and was lookiing at all the kit in the yard/ park and there to my surprise was the Corps flag, flying in the breeze. Done a double take and there it was,
complete with colours & crest. Does the British army still have contacts with Malaysia or is this some sort of Malaysian REME lad or a possible exchange?
Its been 30 yrs since I left the Corps but when I go past the place again tomorrow on my way to Kuala Lumpur, I will ask the driver to stop for a bit of rubbernecking.
Sound like a Malaysian Army camp.
The Malaysian army certainly bases its doctrine and ethos on the British army and has its own Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. The terminology would be familiar with anyone who has served in the British Army- Base Workshops, LADs and so forth. No reason for them not to have retained REME and other corps colours, as have other armies in the Commonwealth.
It could be Ex SUMAN WARRIOR or possibly like the Japanese soldier still fighting not knowing the WW2 was over. We could have left behind a couple of REME VM's that have continued to fix vehicles after we pulled out in 1966. If you speak to them let them know they are entitled to the The Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal. (That should upset the NDM crowd)
Wikipedia was quite informative. Will have to leave camera in taxi though when I have a shufti tomorrow, there was a couple of little feckers on the gate, complete with weapons.
Mind you, which military base is'nt these days!!
Is that some bitterness from another mtsm, or do you just miss us (and our nutty bolty men and brass recy mech tools and bbq's and metal roses)?
We miss you :O(
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